Top 5 Assasins

Video games are filled with a wide range of characters but some of the best include a variety of assassins.

Video games are filled with a wide range of characters but some of the best include a variety of assassins. These cold blooded killers are by far some of the most fun characters to play, however when it comes to creating a top of those assassins it can be very hard and close to impossible to actually do such a thing.


Corvo was the main assassin in Dishonored and the great thing about him is definitely the stealth as well as the great steampunk themed arsenal that it has. Combine this with the fact that this particular assassin is very skilled and he does have a wide range of attacks, then you will surely appreciate the wide range of features and the amazing gameplay that it manages to deliver in this regard. The game is also filled with great places where Corvo can showcase his skills, which make the experience all so more fun and rewarding.

Agent 47

The coveted Agent 47 is basically the 007 of gaming but instead of guns blazing Agent 47 delivers a more subtle and fun approach to begin with. The coolest thing for him is that each game features intense missions, interesting new mechanics and plenty of stuff to enjoy at all times, something that definitely manages to make each game more fun and exciting as you go along.


This assassin is from Star Wars KOTOR and he is basically a robot assassins that has taken the life of thousands of people throughout the universe. Combine that with the fact he has a very good arsenal and a less stealthy approach that leads to spectacular kills, then you will see why this particular assassin is very popular!

Edward Kenway

This particular assassin is from the Assassin’s Creed Black Flag game and it has managed to offer intense and pirate themed moments that were simply unforgettable. Combine that with the amazing and fun activities that can be had here then you will surely enjoy the uniqueness of this game for sure. Yet Edward manages to bring in front a place of pirates, of fun and excitement all while showcasing his unique skills.

Ezio Auditore

The main benefit of Ezio is that pretty much like Agent 47 he was present in multiple iterations of his series and thus he left a bigger impact. Thankfully, Ezio is by far one of the most popular assassins in the gaming world. With a great look, interesting movements and the ability to visit medieval Italy, Ezio and the trilogy created for him managed to showcase some of the best games in the AC series, so you should definitely enjoy playing him.

It conclusion, these are the best assassins in games and you should totally try out their games. You have the ability to feel like a total badass all while fulfilling your missions and having fun!

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