Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct is one of those games that manages to bring in front an insane gameplay, astounding value and a whole lot of fun, all combine in maybe the best package that you can find to date.

The Killer Instinct series is known for its great fighting, but this new, 2013 iteration of Killer Instinct was a reboot and it wanted to integrate a wide range of game modes as well as plenty of interesting mechanics.

It’s important to note that Killer Instinct was designed with multiple seasons in mind and up until this point we received 2 seasons, with now having the opportunity to check out a third new season. What makes this new season fun and definitely quite immersive is the fact that it delivers a whole bunch of new characters and activities that prolong the game experience and make it more fun.

The combo system and combo breakers were definitely a very good selling point especially for the second season update, but with the third season Killer Instinct wants to make the experience even more interesting.

The overall game modes you can find in Killer Instinct have always been fun, and the main lacking thing for me when it comes to the series was definitely the lack of characters. With the ability to add in new attack modes, maybe a few game modes and a few new characters, Killer Instinct season 3 does spruce up the gameplay.

I always liked the unique and quirky approach that Killer Instinct has and I am quite impressed with the stuff that they managed to achieve throughout the years. One of the best things about Killer Instinct is the fact that it helps you obtain incredible results and a very good user experience unlike never before.

You will appreciate the addition of those new characters, and the most coveted one is Rash from Battletoads. Creating a fully fledged and animated 3D character from an 8—bit one was no small feat, and they did add some of its attacks as well, so there’s a lot of nostalgia to be had here for sure.

But he is not the only new addition to the Killer Instinct season 3, you also have Tusk, Gargos, as well as Kim Wu and the Arbiter from the Halo franchise. It’s quite interesting to have 2 guest characters this time around and to be honest it does bring in front quite a lot of new, exciting gameplay moments, it all comes down to how everything is addressed but the results will come for sure.

At the end of the day, Killer Instinct season 3 is a great new entry in the series and one that is surely a ton of fun. With new characters and some interesting new additions, Killer Instinct does manage to become even better and more refined. The new season might not be as feature packed as the others but it does deliver some cool characters and the fighting is as good as it ever was!

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