Clash Royale - The Journey of a Typical Indian Gamer

Every Indian gamer goes through the same story…

India, the country we live in holds the record of being the 2nd most populated country in the world. Basically, humaari itni population hai ki hum har saal ek naya Australia paida kar dete hai. But unfortunately, we're really backward in many fields. To be frank, I'm talking about the technological world.

Matlab Facebook, WhatsApp tak toh thik hai. Chal raha hai. But when it comes to "Gaming" (emphasize kiya gaya hai), we fall behind... a lot.

Last year, Supercell ki ek nayi game aayi thi called "Clash Royale". As soon as it hit the Playstore, all my friends, even those jinke paas khud ka phone nahi hai, started chanting about the game. One of my friends reached 1000 trophies and he carried such a proud smile with him, wah! I was like, are yaar main toh galat tha. India mein bhi Gaming mein scope hai. Modi Ji apne saath development leke aaye hai. He soon became a regular player, and started following the meta. Not many players follow the meta, the updates, what's new and what should be avoided. Most of the gamers are like "Bro game hai, khelna hai, khelo." I have no problem with players with this mentality. Because games were originally made for entertainment purpose. So, koi baat nehi.

But the problem arises, when "that" (kaafi emphasize karne ki koshish) friend, who spent days and nights playing a single game, jo even meta follow kar raha tha, comes with a sad face and says ki "Pata hai Pingal, yeh saare game companies aise hi hote hai. Bhenchod, pura Pay2Win game hai yeh Clash Royale. Mai bol raha tha. Aaj se, Clash Royale khatam."

I was shocked like "Bro kya huwa? Aisa kyun kar raha hai yaar?" And his phone screen was slapped on my face, and what I saw was "500 trophies". And here's where Drum Roll beat.... begins!


Gamer is a term used to describe dedicated and passionate individuals who sacrifice everything for the sake of mastering a particular game. And they are treated with honor, respect and are seen as role models by many youngsters.

Yaatriya kripya dhyaan de, upar ki sentences ka Indian scene ke saath koi taaluk nehi hai. Yeh sab India ke baahar hota hai, India me nehi.

Basically saare Indian so-called "gaming" enthusiasts kickstarts their journey with the most common games. Koi Candy todta hai, koi Clan Castle Rebuild karta hai, aur koi 10lakh kilometre train ki pattiyon me daurta hai, no one knows why. S**le agar Subway Surfers India me banaya hota, toh train ki pattiyo me tatti ke alawa kuch na hota.

Moving on. (Sorry Prabhu!)

Today, I would like to draw your attention towards Supercell's best "tournament-standard" game so far, Clash Royale. I still remember, when I started playing the game, it was just 4 days old. Pehle yeh game sirf selected countries ke liye launch huwi thi. And India, us list me nehi tha. So, what we did was we created Canadian iTunes Accounts and started playing the game. Aur haa, iPhone ke liye pehle aayi thi Clash Royale. (thoda ameer wala feeling)

Next, we started playing the game. For the first 5 months, we played like crazy! By 'we',  I mean me and my friends. We started a clan, had conversations jo bilkul useless the, and when we started losing -

"Bandh karo bhaiya. Bas ho gaya."

Not only us, but every typical Indian player goes through the same stages. Before we can place our as*ess properly in order to learn a game and master in it, we're already running for something else. However, this is changing.

This year, Indian gaming saw some of the biggest gaming tournaments, including ESL India Premiership, ROG Masters and also CobX Esports Tournament. All of them offered whopping prize-money and prizes, and we saw some great competition going around these events.

This is the conclusive para, and I'd "strongly" recommend to take this article as just an entertainment piece, and not some serious analysis. Aur agar isse tum offended huwe ho, toh bhaiya g**nd mar**o.

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