Knight Gamer

This guy isn’t just a gamer who plays games at night.

This guy isn’t just a gamer who plays games at night. Lol, you gotta be kidding me!

You better be up for a wild one here, as this is fictional my friends XD

Top of his education, beast when it comes to being fit, 8 packs, great social life, hot girlfriend, amazing at sports, and just absolutely  insane when it comes to games. You asked for it all!

A FREAKING MONSTOR! Best at any game you hand him regardless of time and experience. FFS DON’T HAVE TO GET INTO EVERY DETAIL PEEPS -_-“Just go with the flow. Anyway, your everyday average “normal” protagonist xD

Walks into his first gaming event looking to participate as a player. Having no idea what he is walking into, protagonist here realizes that he needs a team to participate! Like dafaQ bro, didn’t you play the freaking game with a bunch of teammates, right? How don’t you know that you need a team?

Well apparently logic is his weak point, and he failed to realize it! Like eff this shit, let’s just say he forgot =.= Can you just like consider this fictional story to be fictional and not try to apply your Indian superhuman logical brain for once >?< Please.

So yeah, he walks into this event, miraculously finds a set of people to play with (randomly just like in an anime) and gets to play his first match against the best team in the country for (Dota2, CS:GO, CR, FIFA) whatever you like, is the point. I know you get it =.=

So first game (HYPE), ends quickly with him losing. Now let me tell you this, as your typical pubstomper he has never played competitively - so yea let’s add some logic here :P He realizes that “GAMING“ isn’t just about being the best, it has various factors such as team work, communication, synergy and blah blah blah all those boring things but really essential and fun when a set of people come together and execute it. That level is where gaming starts.

If you’d like to know more about this guy, amazing fictional wannabe gamer who turns out to be a MONSTOR eventually as all the stories that have happy endings, do let me know through either comments, likes, shares! Whatever means you can to contact me, as I would love to write this for someone who wants to read something crazy, wild and bring manga/anime/Bollywood and a bunch of stuff into different stories and characters.

Also this is about a KNIGHT GAMER! So please do not forget that there’s more to this than just a happy ending :3 maybe it’s not even a happy ending -_-“ Like dafaQ I wanna beat that KNIGHT GAMER too you know xD

Love you all


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