3 Major Misinterpretations Made By Indian Parents and How To Rectify Them

In India, there are millions of gamers spread throughout the country, but what is that one common thing that we all share? A dream

In India, there are millions of gamers spread throughout the country, but what is that one common thing that we all share? A dream, a dream to become a professional gamer and represent the country in major events throughout the world. Magar kya karien? Aese sapne dekhna shuru hi krte hai ki koi na koi uthane aajata hai aur kehte hai “beta padhai karo, ek baar acha college mil jae fir toh aesh hi aesh hai.” And that's not the end. Let’s assume that you just sacrificed your dreams for the sake of your parents and studied hard to get into a good college. Once you get a good college, you hear a new anthem. “Beta padhai karo ek baar achi naukri mil jae fir toh aesh hi aesh hai.” And even that's not the end. Let us assume once again, that you sacrificed all your dreams of holding a major gaming tournament trophy, and you studied hard for the sake of your parents wish and you got a really great job after working really hard. Once you have a good job, the anthem's volume 3.0 is released. “Beta ache se naukri karlo, ek baar promotion ho jae...fir toh aesh hi aesh hai.” And this cycle will go on and on and on, until the day comes when you'll be sitting on your arse in a rocking chair, thinking about this dream of yours which you were never able fulfill, while watching some other team representing India in gaming events throughout the world. Giving up on such a dream is not a good idea. If you have a dream, why give up? Would you like to live a life by doing something which doesn't even interest you or would you like to spend it with a big smile all over your face? I'm not saying to go against your parents thinking and decisions. Mei aesa krunga to mujhe to shayad flying chappal milegi as a gift. What I want you to do is, I want you to tell them, what exactly eSports is. How do things work in this field? What do you want your future to be like? I know it's hard, so let's revise some common misinterpretations Indian parents make when their “ghar ka chiraag” tells them “I want to be a gamer”. In the following article I'll tell you how to actually tell your parents “I want to be a professional gamer”.


“Professional gamer? Hain? Wo jo tu game mei logon ko goliya marta hai? Usse tu career bnaega?” Yep, I'll be honest, my dad said that. And generally speaking, I think many parents think of professional gaming as a person sitting in front of a T.V with a typewriter in front of it. They think all we do is play games, have fun and waste our time and life over it. Well, it's not their fault. Have you ever actually tried to explain them how professional gaming works? Have you ever shown them anything related to professional gaming? Ya subah uthte hi, jaese hi papa office gye, aap lg gye games khelne? The main cause for why our parents don't let us pursue our dreams is lack of knowledge. Of course, bado ko sab pata hota hai, but sometimes we need to teach them about some minor things which they don't know about. So all you need to do is provide them with knowledge, everything you know about professional gaming, everything about your dreams. Tell them, it's not just gaming, it's a sport, just like cricket, football, hockey etc. only on a different field. If you will provide them with adequate knowledge instead of just going in front of them and saying “I want to be a gamer”, then maybe you'll receive a good response rather than a flying classic Indian chappal.


 Many parents think that gaming + money = gambling. “How can you earn money from gaming? Kaun tumhe game khelne ke liye paese dega? Koi pagal hai kya jo tumhe khelne k liye paese dega?” A lot of Indian parents think gaming is actually a more pure form of gambling. If you win a game you win your money, if you lose a game you lose your money. So if anyone of you face such situation where your parents would relate professional gaming to another form of gambling, just ask them one thing. “Cricket bhi gambling haina?” In such situations, all you need to tell them is how the money flow is generated in professional gaming. Just like any other popular sports like cricket, hockey, football etc. the sponsors and event organisers are the one who brings the money flow in professional gaming.


 It's a very common thinking of parents, where they think gaming is just a waste of time. And it might be true. It depends on you. Do you really dream of becoming a professional gamer? Are you really trying to work on achieving that dream? Because if not, then you are actually wasting your time. Becoming a professional gamer is not a two-step game. You need to work hard for it. Jab keyboard ban jata hai pillow and chair ban jati hai bed, tab jake ek professional gamer banta hai. Surely becoming a professional gamer is going to be a lot harder than you think, it might even take a lot more time than expected, but it's not impossible. We've seen many popular faces who've made it possible, who knows? You might be the next. So if your parents say “it's a waste of time” just reply to them, “dhoni bhi acha daudta tha, aaj wo cricketer bn gya”.


 Well, this is a point where you can't change their thinking by using some kind of Bollywood dialogues like we used above. This is something that you need to prove yourself to them. Honestly speaking, I don't believe gaming affects academic performance. Sure, it diverts our mind from different fields like history, geography, chemistry, biography etc. but if one want's to, he or she can easily achieve good marks in academics as well. All you need to do is schedule your daily time table and give some time to study as well. Out of 24 hrs, even if you spend 2 hrs at studying, you'll have enough time to follow your path of being a professional gamer, as well as your academic performance will be stable. Just like Amitabh Bachchan says “kuch pal to guzariye study room me”. If your academic performance is stable, then your parents won't have many objections with you playing games. And to be honest, leaving studies for professional gaming is the worst idea. Even if you follow that path you actually won't be able to become a professional gamer. If you follow such path, your life will be full of hardship until you leave professional gaming. The reason is simple, in India, professional gaming is still at the beginner's stage, and we still need to completely introduce it. Of course, you can be a professional gamer and earn money from it, making it your career, but you always need to have a backup plan. In other words, a backup job which pays well. Ab to paneer bhi sonahaar ki dukaan pe milta hai beta. Can you satisfy yourself and your whole family by earning a very small income? Of course, you can survive, but mere survival aint satisfactory. Many professional gamers in India have a backup job as well. Someone is a full time doctor, someone is a CA, someone is trying to be an engineer and they are able to manage their life very well with gaming as well as job. Out of 24 hrs they know how much time they need to give to gaming and how much they need to spend on study or their respective jobs. If they can make a timetable and schedule their day to day life, then why can't you? So whenever you want to kick start your dream, and your parents raise questions about your dream, you know how to answer them. And you should answer them, they are your parents, all they want is your well-being so they surely will listen to you.

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