One of the most anticipated titles at E3 2015, here’s a look at what the game is about.

Star Wars Battlefront is a reboot of a beloved franchise, the last title of which came out over ten years ago. Sure, there have been other games but the fan base for Star Wars alone is so great, so loyal, and so spirited about this franchise, that expectations are bound to run high. Well, this game promised a return to the originals: no changes, no alterations in play style and a shooter that reminds you of what FPS titles were before the arrival of the new ones that redefined the genre right after the last Battlefront (don’t worry though, you can transition from first to third person views any time you like, it’s not something that’s holding you back). The game plays out exactly the way Battlefront did, remaining completely faithful to the series.

One of the biggest most notable additions to the game is the ability to control some of the most iconic characters from the movies, like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo and even Boba Fett. For most parts though, in your wars on several planets, you’ll find yourself taking a grunt on enemies with your blaster rifle, or finding ways to take down an AT-AT when you find yourself on Hoth. Recreating the Star Wars universe, we see EA bring to us a memorable scene for The Empire Strikes Back, in a tower defence mission, either on the side of the rebels holding on to their satellite uplinks, or the Empire, which is trying to impede them from doing so. One is given power-ups that need to be used within a certain period of time (but no, we’re not being given control over a Y-Wing, ever).

Now from the first gameplay trailer, it did look like the game had so much happening in it that it was most likely going to overwhelm people, and that is how it faltered. With detailed logistics on screen and an overdose of activity all around, EA DICE has managed to get their design specs perfectly, dropping you into the world of Star Wars where you’re going to have no trouble carrying your game forward if you have just the most rudimentary understanding of how an FPS title is supposed to work. You’ve got your Star Wars experience, and you’re not going to hurt your back getting to it.

The game has taken extensive care in recreating the feel of the movie, and EA DICE has meticulously gone through the Lucasfilm footage to recreate models, environments, and weaponry, because the experience is so authentic that it couldn’t be more immersive. Add to that the most perfect soundtrack possible, because that plays such an important part in every Star Wars movie, and you are the Rebel Alliance, or a soldier of the Empire, and you realise that you want to be as emotionally invested in this game as possible, simply because you’ve already been that before. The game is designed to make you drown in it. There is no single player campaign for that same reason, because the purpose was never to distract you from what you already know. The point is to relive what is already done in a new way.

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