Polarized experience here; feel injected with the same old drug, but with different side effects

Welcome to Harron (quarantined), a land infested with live carrion shifting about, a state so infused thanks to a virulent strain of eludium being developed (no more of course), which hungers for more flesh, always, to either rip it apart, or have it eventually join in with them, because there’s meat galore in Harron. You’re an intelligence operative, who drops in looking for Rais ‘Kadir’ Suleiman, a dictatorial tyrant known for peremptory fancies and random bodies dropping dead in his general vicinity, depending on what mood hits him. Your cover? As a remnant of a rag tag bunch of parkour aficionados, now the only other faction remaining (and large enough) outside of Rais’ control. This is a zombie apocalypse, and now you must survive, any way you can so that you complete your mission.


Now a lot of this game reminds you of another game, and there’s a very proper reason for that; it has been rehashed, except it looks a whole lot sharper. This is where opinions go haywire; there are those who’re happy to have Dead Islandback in their homes, and others who probably weren’t taken in by the graft. But, the game does not end with that, and you have new additions like parkour, with a call to the title of the game, because as light dies, everything becomes exceedingly dangerous (terrifying even), a whole new adventure, with double the bonuses; either that, or you find a safe house, bunker down for the night, and take your chances again in the morning.


The parkour mechanism is simplistic at best, but it does what’s intended undeniably smoothly, and enhances the otherwise cyclic routine you follow, with new routes and better strategies involved when taking down enemies or finding your way to the next drop off point (these are regular interactions which can get tedious).


Coming to the gameplay, during the day, you have staples, and at night it’s pure survival, which is good, because unlikedead island, the emphasis isn’t on taking the zombies head on, rather on avoiding them successfully. Sure, that doesn’t mean you do not have satisfying pieces of combat in all situations, but they’re more compos mentis, deliberate than before. The plot isn’t anything complex, with a government operating with male fide intent, and other groups cropping up as a result of this.You have an XP tree, and this works like most RPG games, where you level by performing certain actions repeatedly, pumping you up over a period of time, one for survival, one for combat boosts, and one for agility, which also means that you might have a harder time early game, with even the sturdiest weapons having the durability of cardboard (later, crafting helps with this aspect greatly). 


On the whole, if you’re a fan of Dead Island coming back for more, you’re at home, but in for a new experience nevertheless, because the machete wielding madness of it has been substantially inverted here, and if you’re new to what Techland develops, then the game has enough sheen to it to keep you engrossed for a good 50 hours. Just don’t go into it for the plot. It’s a zombie apocalypse, exactly like every other you’ve ever decided to be a part of; the game’s great because of how it makes you live through it.

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