Top CSGO Map hidden items you will want to know

You might just have not noticed the little tits and bits Valve keeps adding in the maps to commemorate some of the most epic incidents in CSGO history.

CSGO Map makers and Valve themselves have done an amazing job in designing the maps. You would have spent hours grinding in these maps, however you might just have not noticed the little tits and bits Valve keeps adding in these maps to commemorate some of the most epic incidents in CSGO history. In this article we are going to feature some of these secrets that might just amaze you.

APEX firing squad

In a game between Fnatic and EnVyUs during ESL Cologne 2015, Fnatic did something no other team in professional circuit has ever done. Their initial idea was to restrict any possibility of a mid-cross from the opponent team. In this game of Dust 2 they played into overtime and ended up in the match point round. Fnatic had won their last 2 rounds and had a full bank and decided to utilize it to its full. They ended up buying 4 AWPs, cause that’s what we pub stompers would do right? Apparently APEX from EnVyUs ended up being the duck in the shootout. Well not sure what would be your reaction but he was definitely terrified by a bit, as the post-match interview said. Valve ended up adding a graffiti near the T Base in honor of his terrifying moment.

Olofmeister Epic Boost

This was again a historical moment in Overpass during DreamHack 2014 quarterfinals when Olofmeister dominated LDLC with a pixel locking boost.

Well after a 13-4 massive deficit Fnatic had to pull out some of their hidden strategies. They kept three-man-boosting throughout the remainder of the map and caught LDLC completely off-guard and ending up making a comeback. However when allegations were made about a possible rule violation they forfeited the match. Later on the boost spot was fixed and an alert sign was added in this place. The sign is in German but it translate to “Climbing on this railing is prohibited”.

Olofmeister the burning man defuse

Yes, yet again he is in the list, and why not. He is the playmaker and can cross any boundaries to win a match.

This incident is from Cologne 2014 and Fnatic was up against Dignitas. The match reached a crucial point of both team drawing on 14-14 and Olof knew he had to end this game. And what better way to do than getting his ass burnt to get the bomb defused. Yes he ended up defusing with only a fraction of a second remaining, with a fraction of health remaining as well. Well he did end up dying after the bomb got defused. This put Fnatic on the match point and eventually won the tournament. In honor of this insane play, a picture of a counter terrorist in fire was added on the wall of the B Site.

Goose on Dust 2

Well most of you would know that the area north of A Site is called goose. There is also a graffiti painted on the wall. However many of you might not even know the reason of naming the spot. It was in fact named after the in-game alias of the game’s co-creator, Minh Le.

Flying on the Bird’s back

In December of 2014, a video was uploaded on YouTube showing a glitch in the map Train. The video showed that by standing on the birds allows you to fly on top of the entire map environment, giving an enormous advantage to the player. The glitch was patched quite quickly, but a sign was added to commemorate this bug. The writing under the sign is in Russian language that translates to “Do not step on the birds”.

Coldzera AWPwings

This one incident is well known amongst us gamers. And why not, who can forget Coldzera’s decimation in Mirage against Team Liquid at 2016 Majors. This insane play resulted in a comeback by Luminosity during overtime and they ended up winning the map. In commemoration to this amazing play a graffiti of an AWP with wings was added soon after to Mirage.

Well these are the list of secrets you would or wouldn’t have known in your favorite competitive game. Which one of these were surprising to know, let us know in the comment section.

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