Things you would love to be change in CSGO in upcoming patches

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has seen countless updates since they day it was launched, still you would want it to be perfect. Let’s find out the list of changes you would want the most.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has seen countless updates since they day of its launched. The updates vary from some bug fixes to patches that changed the way we play the game. Though, even to this day after all the updates and changes CS:GO still has many things that needs tweaking. So these are the changes we think are much needed for the game to make it much more enjoyable.

Private Matches

Some of you folks love to play matches with your buddies in private server or just train with bots to sharpen your grenade and aim skills. But in order to change any aspect of the game setting, you would have to go type in commands into the console. To simply change the time to 1 hour for practicing, you either have to enter a command or download a custom map. It would really be an awesome feature to have a match setting screen before the player starts the match so that you don’t have to google commands every time you want to make some changes in the server.

M4 Headshot Range

M4 requires two shots to headshots kill an opponent, which by the way makes sense as it balances gun battle between a defender and an attacker. However, it doesn’t makes sense in close range. For example, a P250 can one-shot headshot an opponent with a helmet in close range while you still have to shoot twice with a M4. That means at close range a $300 pistol outperforms a rifle worth $3,100. This is why many of you prefer to rush B site in Dust 2 in a pistol round with Tech-9s since it has a crazy fire rate and a hell lot of ammunition to throw at the defending CTs. To sum it up a player that spends more than 3k shouldn’t be taken down by 1 bullet by a player who spends less than 10 times that. Then again people spend more money on an iPhone instead of buying Android so who am I to judge?

Enhancing the Demo System

It’s great feature for players to watch their previous matches again. But many of you might not know how to pause or fast forward and slow down the demo. This is because you have to type in a command to open the Demo Playback window, which by the way is not stated while the demo starts playing. The devs can easily fix this by adding a text on how to open up the window.

Change Setting while inside a Lobby

You are in a lobby with your mates and you might have noticed that your game volume could be a bit lower or you would want to lower the sensitivity a bit. But in order to change these setting the game would ask you to leave the lobby, which certainly is annoying as hell. Even though it is not necessarily a huge problem since you can always change the settings after you have joined a game, but this is something that should have been available already, since CSGO has undergone numerous update since its launch.

CT Player Model

It is true that player models of CT looks cool because of the detailing of their outfits, however this is the very reason you might get sniped off even after you presuming to be out of line of sight of the enemy AWPer. The backpacks are unnecessarily large. Also in comparison to the head portion of Terrorists model the CT model is visibly larger and thus easier to aim at.

Making Run and Spray less viable

Let’s consider a scenario where your enemy team is massively suppressed and falling behind in economy in a Dust 2 matchup. Next round they pick up a bunch of P90s and annihilates your team while rushing Mid. You would definitely get annoyed and end up swearing at Lord Gabe. Yes running and gunning should never work, EVER. This is CSGO, not Call of Duty. The spray patters for SMGs are actually pretty accurate. Add that with a movement speed and now you can dodge bullets and throw a ton in return. Also the price of an SMG is quite low compared to an assault rifle. Though one can argue that SMG has comparably low armor piercing rate to balance it out, but with the insane amount of firing rate, it hardly balances out in a gun battle.

Update Prime Matchmaking System

Prime matchmaking is a system that upgrades an account to prime by linking the account with the player’s phone number. This is a pretty good system to cut down the number of hackers. The issue is its now 2017 and people can actually have multiple phone numbers, all thanks to Relaince Jio services. Its high time developers need to update prime matchmaking system to restrict the hacks further from entering ranked matches.

Increase Server Update Rate

This has been a common issue for quite a long time. The update rate or tick rate of a server is how fast a server can update. CSGO matchmaking server are always set to 64 ticks throughout the world. But for a 128 tick server it makes a hell lot of a difference. It must have happened to you every once or twice a day that you are battling another player and you click and hear the bullet sound, yet your enemy’s bullet hits first and you die. This is because the server doesn’t update as quick as quick as your game does. So by upgrading server from 64 to 128 ticks, valve could change the outcome of many of these gun battles.

So these are the list of things we thinks is much needed for the game. How many of these do you agree with. Let us know in the comment section.

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