Top 10 reasons why you are stuck at Silver in CSGO

Want to get out of the curry rank, follow these easy steps.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the most popular competitive FPS game in India. Thousands of gamers play the game for hours on not only one but many Steam profile. Even though a majority of us play it “casually”, we are always trying to improve our ranks one way or the other. But most of us are always wasting our valuable time in the lower tier of matchmaking, either thrashing Lord Gabe or wondering what we should do to get rid of these cancer matches. So, since it’s the need of the hour we are going to focus on some of the basics even the semi pros tend to miss out on.

Play as a team

CSGO is a multiplayer competitive game, so just like any game with a team, whether it be video games or real life games, you gotta work with people. And generally playing with people comes with the benefit of understanding easily and effectively. Seriously this is the time you should stop being the solo carry and start coordinating with your team mates even though they are complete strangers. It not only drastically changes the match results, it also gets much more fun. Who knows, maybe one day you will find a gamer girl to chill out with? (We do. Neverrrrrrrrr)

Improve your game sense

Well it sounds boring but CSGO actually requires a lot of practice. Grinding hours on aim practice maps, hosting local servers and perfecting the smokes and wall bangs pays off greatly. And if you are too lazy for that, well then be happy staying in silver. After playing a match it is always a good habit to watch the reply and analyze your mistakes, rather than forgetting the match by blaming it on the team mates or the smurfer on the enemy team. Because we all know that every enemy has at least one right?

Be competitive in a rank match

If you truly want to get out of the depths and horrors of Silver, you can’t just play the game for the heck of it. Unless you have a good amount of experience in playing FPS games and perfected your aim on PC gaming, you have to play with a mindset to win. If you are just hopping in a competitive match once or twice a week because you are too board of the casual matches, you may very well be stuck in silver forever. Always have a Deathmatch session before starting your daily competitive schedule. Spend some hours on perfecting your nades, who knows you might end up finding a new one way smoke.

Get a decent Mic

As we already mentioned, communicating with your team mates is very important, and voice communication simply adds a value to it. In order to do most of the thing in this list you have to be able to speak to your team mates clearly. However, what is even more ridiculous is that even though some people have mics, they still choose not to use them, or they use them only to blast their music. If you don’t have one, just grab one. It’s not like you have to buy a freaking professional commentary microphone. It is definitely a good investment to get out of your shitty MMR.

Learn the Spray Patterns

This is one of the major things you have to learn outside the competitive games. Spray patterns are so important that it makes a hell lot of difference in duels and clutch scenarios. If you are new to the game, spraying in CSGO is very different than most other FPS games you have played in the past. So get used to a gun of your choice, preferably an assault rifle and stick to it for some time until you have mastered it.

Buy with your team

Learning when to buy and even what to buy is an essential aspect of the game. It is important to coordinate your buy with your team when you are the only one with a full buy capacity (guns + armor + grenade). You should rather drop few Five Sevens or Tech-9s to help your team mate with a better eco round so that the entire team can full buy on the next round.

Get a better Rig

Quite self-explanatory isn’t it? Yes it is quite obvious that you should get a decent PC set up for consistent good FPS. Plus for FPS games having a decent mouse is also important because you would want the extra accuracy in hitting the headshots. Now we are definitely not going into the discussion of PC vs Laptop setup but do get a dedicated Gaming rig. Playing on a 60-90 FPS setup and then switching on a 300 plus FPS setup will make you understand the importance of having the right hardware under the hood.

Stop being the Dust 2 Spammer

Well statistics shows 90 % of Indian players play Dust 2 most of the time. So it’s quite obvious that almost everyone is an expert on this map and they are least likely to be comfortable playing on other maps. Thus in layman’s logic, to get easier / dumb opponents get yourself mastered on other maps. Yes the wait time for finding a match on those maps may be high, but hey it’s already a 90% win chance for you from the start of the game.

Utilize grenades accurately

Even though it sound least vital, using grenades accurately creates a major impact on the game. Whether it be a bomb site retake or rushing through a corridor, smokes and flashes play vital role in the flow of a round. One accurate smoke can blind off the enemy sniper, forcing him to retreat or go out of position giving you easy access to the bomb side.


You have been into scenarios quite often when your team is losing by a massive margin (14-2). What would you generally do? Go afk or just thrash the lowest fragged in your team. This is the first thing you have to change in your mind set, especially if you ever want to get out of Silver rank since most of the Silver rank players are supposed to be beginners. Matchmaking rating doesn’t only count the wins and losses, it also counts the individual performance for the particular match. So stop being a jerk and show some motivation. You might end up pulling off your best comeback ever.


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