Is Revolver not that OP anymore?

R8 revolver and Negev getting refurbished, might get back to compi. soon

In a recent update Valve has removed two weapons in competitive matchmaking, the R8 Revolver and the shoot and forget to aim Negev. As was released in the patch note, they are taking this opportunity to tweak these weapons.

While Negev is not considered that overpowered weapon in CS:GO, at least in the pro scene, the R8 Revolver is one weapon even we have struggled to handle. You will find several hours of videos on internet dedicated to clutch moments where a crucial eco round gets dominated, courtesy the high burst damage and insanely rate of fire. Seems like those golden age is coming to an end.

"R8 Revolver – The firing delay on the Revolver has been significantly reduced, but otherwise the weapon has the same high-powered shot with great mobility."

"Negev – The Negev has received a more significant rework, receiving traits that promote suppressing the enemy. Wild at first, the Negev’s shots settle over time into a deadly controllable beam." 

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