Intel launches new cheaper and faster alternative for SSDs

3D Ipoint Memory stick will doubly boos up your PC and quite cheaper that the fastest SSDs out in the market

Intel has come up with a great release for all you hardware geeks out there. They have announced the launch of an all new hardware component for your rig, the 3D Ipoint Memory stick. As claimed by Intel, this new entry is going to doubly boost up the speed of you PC.

As posted by Gizmodo, this new memory stick is nothing but an add-on to your existing PC, conditions applied your motherboard is a recent one having Kaby Lake processor compatibility and “Optane memory ready”. However since Intel is quite serious about not only this technology, but also any future releases, all future motherboards are definitely going to be latched with these functionalities.

One of the positive sides of 3D Ipoint Memory stick is that even if the stick burns out due to power surge, you are not crippled. You can still continue using the rig by simply removing the stick from the M.2 slot, which by the way is the same slot you would be using for the solid state drive.

Now if you are already thinking about how the stick is actually boost up your PC, well here is how Intel has explained. As we all know, the typical RAMs we use at our day to day PCs can only store data until the computer is powered on, while the Hard drives can retain the data even after the power is disconnected. “Intel, an entirely new type of computer memory. It’s based on the 3D Xpoint memory architecture Intel announced back in July 2015. It’s as fast as the DRAM memory found in every computer used today, but as stable as the NAND memory found in the SSDs central to most of your pricier laptops.” Basically a non-volatile version of DRAM is what Intel has come up with. As Intel Senior Vice President Navin Shenoy claims, “this is the biggest advance in memory in decades.”

Though there are no external sources to confirm, Intel has assured that computer with 3D Ipoint Memory stick will now boot twice faster, the browsers will launch 5 times faster, and games will load up at least 65% faster.

3D Ipoint Memory stick is set to hit the market on April 24th throughout the world, however we still don’t have a release date for the Indian Market. The memory card will be available in two sizes - 16GB ($44) and 32GB ($77). As far as the actual value you can receive out of this new entry, when you couple the memory chip with a traditional drive, it’s a lot cheaper and faster than when having the fastest SSDs available.

So if you are planning to build a gaming PC anytime soon, make sure the motherboard is Kaby Lake processor compatible and keep some of your budget allotted for Intel’s promising new 3D Ipoint Memory stick.

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