It’s time for the biggest LAN event the eastern part of the country has ever witnessed, the Cyber Crusade.

It’s time for the biggest LAN event the eastern part of the country has ever witnessed, the Cyber Crusade, organized by Techno India group, in conjunction with this year’s edition of annual tech fest, Edge 17.  Organized in the city of Kolkata from 7th till 9th April, the event is set to boost a prize pool of close to 3 Lac Rupees.

Cyber Crusade will feature multiple popular esports genres. While CSGO and Dota 2 will be highlighted throughout the event, individuals can also participate in good old PC racer title, Need for Speed Most Wanted and dribble the way to victory in FIFA. Additionally, this will be the first time a mobile strategy game, Clash of Clans, will be included in such a large scale LAN tournament where 5 from two opponent clans can battle out for the ultimate glory.

Tournament Structure: All the matches will be played in Single Elimination format.

Tournament Categories:

CSGO Pro League – Invited Professionals compete for a prize pool of Rs 1,40,000

CSGO College League – Armature teams participant for their maiden major LAN victory

DOTA2 – Semi Pro teams compete for a prize pool of Rs. 60,000

Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005 – Individuals race to victory

FIFA Pro League – Individuals to compete on the 2017 edition of the good old PC football title

FIFA College League – Individuals to complete on the 2014 edition of FIFA

Clash of Clans – 5 v 5 match-up between clans

Prize Money: A total of upto Rs. 3,00,000 prize pool is set for the event.

CSGO:   1st Prize -  Rs. 80,000

               2nd Prize – Rs. 40,000

               3rd Prize – Rs. 20,000

Dota 2: 1st Prize – Rs 30,000

2nd Prize – Rs. 20,000

                   3rd Prize – Rs. 10,000

Prize pool details for rest of the genres are yet to be unveiled.

Venue: Techno India University

Over the years Cyber Crusade is overshadowed by the presence of high profile national CSGO teams and it won’t be a surprise as this time 2 times champion Team Brutality and the nation’s latest sensation Dare2Dream and other freshly revamped and rebranded teams are going to test their opponents. Plus this event is setting the milestone for the inauguration of 2017 esports season.

In addition to the competitive showdowns, visitors will also have the opportunity to experience ultimate gaming at NVIDIA High End PC gaming experience room, Sony Playstation experience room and the HTC Vive VR experience room. Plus if you are into pushing your rig to its limit, you can join the overclocking and liquid cooling workshops going to be held over the course of the 3 days event.

So there are quite a lot of things coming up at EDGE17 LAN. And this time in fact you might have the perfect excuse to visit the City of Joy and experience unique Esports experience.

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