Youtube grabs exclusive broadcasting rights for ECS

Seems like everyone is jumping on the Esports bandwagon.

Seems like everyone is jumping on the Esports bandwagon. This time it’s Youtube taking an initiative to boost up the global professional scene, but not just through mare funding and forgetting about what happens later on, but by actually building an audience.

The 3rd edition of ECS, that features top professionals of Counter Strike Global Offensive will now be streamed exclusively on Youtube ECS channel, starting from 25th March. Even though the financial details are not being revealed, Youtube will now engage with players to maximize their interaction with audience.

FaceIt Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Michele Attisani said, “YouTube offers fans of the ECS an unmatched online viewing experience and is by far the most watched platform for gamers in the world and continues to innovate and lead on video technology, making it a great place for us to call our new home for the Esports Championship Series”.

Youtube has always been supportive to creative individuals in creating content on their channels. However it was surprising to see that it took so long for the management to recognize the potential of esports and its mass viewership for a full-fledged support. One more important fact to notice is that Youtube’s management for India has to now come at par with their global interests and start actively participating, or rather supporting Indian Esports scene, especially because this is one market no other competitor can beat them.

Source: Slingshot Esports


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