Announcing Mid Lane Meltdown! A 1v1 Dota 2 Tournament

Announcing the Mid Lane Meltdown – A 1 vs 1 Indian Dota 2 tournament presented by Avajaya Gaming in association with yours truly. The tournament is sponsored by NovaPlay and Cooler Master India. Players will have the opportunity to prove themselves over a three-day, online knockout tournament for a total prize pool of INR 10,000 + gaming gear.

Dates : 17th to 19th March, 2017

Prizes : Total prize pool is INR 10,000 + Equipment from Cooler Master. 

o   Winner : INR 6,000 + 1 x Masterkeys Lite

o   Runner Up : INR 3,000 + 1 x Devastator II

o   Third Place : INR 1,000

All prizes will ONLY be paid to bank accounts and delivery addresses in India.

Registration : Click HERE to register.

Last date of registration : 15th March, 2017

Server : India. Both players can mutually agree upon another server.

Format : Best of 1 Knockout. Grand finals will be bo3.

  Hero Pool : Shadow Fiend, Queen of Pain, Lina, Zeus, Ember Spirit, Puck

  Rules : Players will only get to use ONE hero throughout the tournament. Hero must be chosen at the time of registration.

A coin toss will be done inside the lobby when both players are present. Winner gets to select Radiant / Dire.

Livestream : The grand finals will be streamed on


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