2017’s Top 10 Gaming Mice (Part 1 of 3)

Confused about which mouse to get? Read on as we detail the best gaming mice!

While it is debatable whether the gaming mouse you use actually improves your game, it is a fact that most gaming mice these days come with features that vastly enhance your gaming experience. The best gaming mice are fine-tuned, with incredibly accurate sensors and macro keys that are useful in more ways than we can count.

While deciding on a gaming mouse to use, or while rating gaming mice, there are a few prime criteria all of us look at.  The mouse’s DPI or Dots per Inch determine how sensitive the mouse is. The higher the mouse’s DPI setting is, the more sensitive the mouse will be in reacting to smaller movements. Gaming mice almost always come with adjustable DPI settings, which lets you decide your level of aim and precision while playing.

Apart from that, it is also important to select your mouse on the basis of your grip, i.e., based on whether you have a finger, palm or claw grip. Left-handed mice are also available, since your alignment affects how you play.

Without keeping you waiting any longer, let’s jump into our top picks for 2017!

Steelseries Sensei Raw

Image sourced from Vortez.net

The Steelseries Sensei Raw is built for both right and well as left-handed users, and is thus definitely the best ambidextrous gaming mouse out there.
Apart from the usual left, right, middle-click buttons on a mouse, the Sensei Raw has 4 additional buttons. The buttons are placed on either side of the mouse, and can be programmed through the software. It's simple and comfortable design is also a winner, and the mouse can reach up to 5,670 DPI and has stupendous laser sensors.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Image sourced from pcworld.com

Complete with Razer’s Chroma RGB lighting, the brilliant new DeathAdder Chroma impressed us all. Not only does the DeathAdder Chroma come with an exceptional 10,000 DPI sensor, it is also completely programmable. That means, using Razer’s Synapse 2.0 software, you can customise everything about this mouse, from the buttons to the Chroma RGB lighting.
The buttons are conveniently placed- 3 standard buttons, along with 2 more on the thumb side.
The only miss about the product is the lack of a weight-adjustment option.

Razer New Naga Hex V2

Image sourced from Hardwarezone.com

The Razer New Naga Hex V2 is, hands down, the best gaming mouse the market has to offer for MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) games.  
The mouse comes armed with useful attributes for MMO and MOBA players. The dial of programmable buttons is handy for games that require a lot of buttons, or if you wish to remap complex macros. Further, the mouse also offers an impressive 16,000 DPI sensor and Chroma RGB lighting. The placement of the thumb buttons, which ensure that the player won’t click any of them by mistake, is an added benefit.
The only drawback is that the mouse isn’t ideal for players with a palm grip, as courtesy the thumb buttons, they won’t have a proper grip on the mouse.   

Stay tuned on this column for the next edition, where we talk about some more brilliant pieces of innovation in the gaming mice industry!

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