UTV to invest in Indian Esports with 100 Crore event - UCypher

It's time for the new year to start with a bang, and this is not just a bang, it's a definite game changer.

2016 has been a phenomenal year for Indian Esports, from main stream sponsors to budding new talent capable enough to represent the nation on International stages, India has done it all. It’s time for the new year to start with a bang, and this is not just a bang, it’s a definite game changer - UCypher.

What is Ucypher?

U Mumba, the driving force behind the widely popular Pro Kabaddi League, is all set to invest in Indian Esports. And we are not taking about a tournament worth few lacs. USports is already confident enough with the esports industry to dish a huge amount. As was announced by SportsKeeda, Ronnie Screwvala, the owner of the company is going to invest as much as Rs. 100 cr. As is rumored, their team has short listed top competitors, with the help of top professionals in the industry, to compete in a league format. Although the format is yet to be finalized, one of the other highlight facts about the event is that the games are going to be broadcasted on mainstream media, presumably on one of the channels of UTV, from 10 pm to 12 am.

What we know already

- Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, FIFA and Clash Royal is likely to be featured.

- 10 Teams for each game title is going to compete for the 1st season.

- Each team is going to be sold in later seasons, same as IPL or PKL.

- 1st Season comprises of 45 Days.

How is it a Game Changer – The Goods

Indian Esports has definitely received a lot of financial boost throughout the years, however none of the figures have cross the Crore barrier. And now, since we are talking in multiple crores, it is definitely going to pump up the scene, for gamers as well as the people behind the scene working day and night to make the spectacles realities. Also with esports getting featured on television, not only the gaming community is going to be benefited for not depending on their regional internet connectivity, esports is also going to reach a lot more variety of audience.

The Adverse Effects

However, when big investors enter an immerging market, the biggest losers are the small players. It is quite obvious that when UCypher becomes a reality, top teams, who attract majority of the audience, will be more interested in participating in it rather than smaller scale events. As a result it will be hard for the lower tier investors to sustain with their future events.

Saturation is another factor gamers are going to face in 2017. ESL India Premiership, Dew Arena and Indian eSports Championship were the iconic events who played a pivotal role in making 2016 a successful year for Indian Esports and all of them are planned to have an edition this year as well. Now, with UCypher entering the scene, clash of match dates are bound to happen, something we have already witnessed last year.

The Remedy

The immediate and most effective remedy is to appoint a neutral governing body to regulate the flow of events throughout the year. However this is one topic highly debatable when considered a country like India.

All in all, 2017 is definitely going to be a spectacular year for Indian Esports, and if the rumors are right, we will witness more large scale events during the latter half of the year.

So what are your opinions on U Mumba entering the Indian Esports scene, let us know in the comment section.

Source: ET, Sportskeeda, Talkesports

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