Quick and Easy way to NOT SUCK at League

From Chasing to Feeding, to enemy team leading; From Calm to hate, all chat - report my mate; From button Mash to Keyboard Smash; we've seen it all!

Have you ever played League of Legends and overwhelmed by the game’s fast paced gameplay? Or, do you feel crushed by the negativity your teammates feed you at the end of every game? Well, don’t lose hope because we made a quick and easy guide for all of YOU to start solo carrying your games and begin OWNING at LOL, like a boss!

So, hurry up and read PEEPS!

MINIONS OPAF (overpowered and FREE)

Minions, yes those scrawny cloaked little weirdoes running into each other in all 3 lanes. You know you're in for a good game when your opponent is getting as many, if not more, last hits as you. It's often frustrating when you see them getting  almost every last hit while you either miss farm or run back and forth aimlessly waiting for your skills to come off cool down. Minion last hits = Gold, it IS actually that simple! 

If you're in a losing matchup, try your best to stay alive while getting as many last hits as possible while avoiding trading with the enemy champion. I can't emphasize enough how many times I've "ALMOST" killed an enemy champion and missed more than 1 or 2 waves of FREE GOLD AND EXPERIENCE in the process.

Practicing last hitting to the point where you get a good 70+ minions by the 10 minute mark is a sign of progress. Do it. It really isn't that hard.

Know your champion power spikes

Now, what is a power spike? A power spike in this beautiful game of LoL is normally when you unlock your ultimate ability, or when you reach a certain level that compliments your skills really well but can also be when you acquire a particular item that synchs well with your kit.

Here's an example to get you up to speed-

Olaf against a Nautilus pre 6 gets whooped because of the abundant CC (crowd control) that nautilus has in his kit. Once Olaf gets lvl 6 though, it turns the tide of the lane because Olaf's ultimate makes him immune to ALL CC effects. Granted, it only lasts for a few seconds whenever it's activated but play your cards right for those few seconds and it will lead to a hard to stop, snowballing session for the rest of the game!

Nasus can be DESTROYED early game without much of tryhard. Immobility and limited potential to gap close together with average base stats make him an easy target. But his kit is such that if given time to farm and scale, you better hope he doesn't know how to play cause that dog's bite is going to hurt a lot more than his bark! For real, though, fear the mutt.

It basically means, SLOWBRO, that you're going to have to put in time and effort to learn the game a little more to the point where you aren't just running into enemy champions from lvl 1 and then blame your support or jungler for, and I quote, "Not Ganking" or "Being Noob". Or if you're lazy like me, you can always just watch videos or read guides on said power spikes.


So I myself am prone to never looking at my mini map. For those of you without egos the size of a 6 stack lvl 18 cho'gath with lulu ulti and elixir of IRON, vision is the way to go! See those yellow flower looking buttons called *trinkets*? Might want to place them down when you don't see the jungler for a while.


Let's pretend you know what you're doing and push your wave into the enemy tower, what do you do for those 30 odd seconds that it takes for the next wave to reach your lane? Yes you clever, gem of a person; ROTATE!

Rotations will make or break your team.

Roam mid, top, bot, jungle, left, right, under, over, though, JUST DO IT! For all you know they don't have the side warded that you're ganking from. If you pull it off well and good, you have successfully started an inner raging session between the enemy team. How? For not pinging MISS or roaming to that lane with you.

And if you don't, so what? Now you know that either they have that side warded (which means no wards for another 60-120 seconds, which open up more opportunities for your TEAM to make something happen) or you just get back to your lane and continue to get that slow but steady advantage over your lane opponent.


"Everyone talks about objectives all the time, what’s the big deal YAAR?"

Well, at the end of the day, a game of league is won not through the number of kills, last hits or how insanely on point your mechanics are. It's won by getting objectives. This means, get whatever you can, while you can.

You can be 0-10, hell, you can be 0-20 (if you cross 20 deaths, for the love of all things pure and sacred in this world, uninstall the game) and still win the game for your team by simply getting objectives!

Let's be honest we have all had that one desperate guy in the enemy team who just sits in that lane and takes farm and towers. Be that guy.

To be clearer for you high folks – Towers means map pressure; More towers means more map pressure (limiting the enemy team's safety); More map pressure means more space and opportunities for you and your team to get more objectives or gank specific lanes or even get more vision for your team.

Finally, getting good at league takes time, there will always be somebody better than you. Treat every game as a learning experience and you'll improve faster than most!

Good Luck and League on!

Article written by Kirk Stephen “Chozunwon “.

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