This is how you can fix performance issues in Dota 2 Post 7.00 Patch

"200 FPS" on 144hz butter smooth G-sync/Free sync Displays, nope #DENIED.

"200 FPS" on 144hz butter smooth G-sync/Free sync Displays, nope #DENIED. Yes we are talking about Patch 7.00's impact on Dota 2 engine as many mid to high end rigs weren't able to replicate the same performance pre 7.00 on the same Dota 2 engine!
So today we are going to tackle issues concerning massive FPS drops during your daily dose of Dota 2. 

Hardware: First things first make sure it’s not your hardware problem so check you CPU and GPU temperatures using these simple applications.
=> RealTemp for CPU
=> GPU-Z for GPU

Driver Updates: Once we are done with all the hardware issue, it’s time for your hardware drivers. Fist up, update your drivers to the latest one by visiting Nvidia/AMD driver websites according to your hardware and make sure your operating system is running fine by going to
Start -> cmd -> CTRL SHIFT ENTER, then type:"sfc /scannow".
Also scan your PC for Malwares if you are one of those guys who just download everything they see on the internet.

Dota 2 Engine: So let’s begin our journey with Dota 2 engine, to make sure that your Dota 2 files are not corrupted either. Go to Steam -> Dota 2 -> Right click -> Properties -> Verify Integrity of Game Cache, this verifies Dota 2 files.
Launch Dota 2, go to video settings and disable 'Grass and Tree Winds’. This will definitely boost you up to 10%, sometimes even more.

NOTE: Remove console commands from launch options when you have no idea what they do, even some autoexec configs which are performance related!

Next you will have to benchmark Dota 2 using a different render engines and use the most stable one for your hardware. Those of you who don't know what benchmarking means should think of it as a simple class test for your computer in the subject of Dota. People using Vulkan to play Dota 2 should stay away from it as vulkan is currently broken.

Follow these steps 1 by 1 and run each test at least 3 times to get a good picture of your results.

1. Go to Steam -> Dota 2 -> Right click -> Properties -> Set Launch Options (use -nod3d9ex for legacy dx9, -dx11 for Direct X 11 and none of them for Direct X 9)
2. Download the engine.
3. Copy the demo(.dem) file into your "Steamsteamappscommondota 2 betagamedota" folder
4. Enable console in Dota 2 settings options and open console and type "timedemo benchvulkan2.dem" without quotations.
5. Now Dota 2 will run in Hyperbolic Time Chamber and run some gank with really messy stuttery frames, remember to run each render test 3 times.
6. Now open your browser go to google sheets and upload from your computer Steamsteamappscommondota 2 betagamedotaSource2Bench.csv
7. Run benchmark by using -nod3d9ex -dx11 and no other command. Make sure to have 3 test each.
8. Choose the renderer which has highest FPS and lowest FPS Variance (Frame Variablity) so that you can experience smooth gameplay without micro stutters.

Lastly, if you are using 60Hz monitor use RivaTuner to limit your frames to 58 or 59 so that the frame variability stays as low as possible thus giving you lower input lag and better response. Valve is working on performance update so don't worry you will get your ULTRA FPS back soon.

So there you go guys with the list of tricks to bump up your performance for the current patch. Did this trick end you working for you, let us know in the comment section below.

Article written by Syed Aamir Ahmed “Weap(X)n“ . Shout out to JJ - PimpmuckL for giving us this small work around as we don't have much tools to benchmark Dota

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