Overwatch Competitive Guide – How to Quickly Climb Ranks

Conquer the competitive landscape with these easy tips

Overwatch is a great game, earning several awards and is still fairly popular months later. A major component of the game is Competitive Play which rewards skill and climbing up the ranks with various cosmetic rewards. But really, everyone is playing for the Golden Weapons…including you. How do you efficiently climb up the ladder? What heroes are your best chances for doing so? Fear not, for we’ve got your back.

Want to climb? Some general tips can go a long way.

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Be Flexible: You may be the best Hanzo in the world but maybe your team really needs D.Va and her Defense Matrix to shut down the enemy Reaper or Ana and her wondrous Nano Boost for your Solider 76. Filling out required roles within your team will always increase your chances of success. Train with at least two heroes in each category so that your team is never short-handed.

Communication is Key: Ultimates, the most powerful signature abilities of each hero, are great for tipping the scales in your team’s favour. However, coordinating ultimates is the key to winning many team fights. So drop the social anxiety and hop on team chat to communicate. Even when you’re not combining ultimates, it could be something as simple as throwing a barrier or armour pack when an ally is weak that makes all the difference.

Spawn Together, Stick Together: It’s not odd to see team members get picked off one by one, leaving you alone. If stalling the timer isn’t working, then think about falling back or just dying and respawning with your team. Pushes with all six team members will always have higher chances of success as opposed to going 1v6 against the enemy. To expand on this point: Attack together with team-mates and always try to assist. Sometimes that extra bit of damage from another person is all that’s needed for the killing blow.

Play The Objective: While we encourage helping your teammates or spending your ultimate on a clump of enemies, always prioritize the objective. Whenever the enemy team is pushing a capture point, make sure you’re ready to help your team. If everyone dies and the clock is in overtime, then stall on the objective for as long as necessary until teammates can respawn. You can have gold eliminations and damage but no matches are being won if the enemy plays the objective better.

Here a few easy heroes to get you started on your climb:

Soldier 76

Straightforward but effective – that’s Soldier 76.

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“Call of Duty” man himself is accessible yet one of the most potent heroes in the game. Biotic field always for high survivability and his pulse rifle’s base damage is already pretty high. Chain together a burst of 4-5 shots, launch a Helix Rocket and most attack heroes will go down without much fuss. His Ultimate “Tactical Visor” is also incredibly good for both pushing objectives and stalling attacks while requiring minimal aiming.


School all the noobs with D.Va.

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Former Starcraft pro turned MEKA pilot, D.Va can be an absolute nightmare for attack heroes and tanks alike. Defense Matrix allows her to cancel out most projectiles and can even negate ultimates like Hanzo’s Dragonstrike, Zarya’s Graviton Surge, Pharah’s Barrage and much more. Her Ultimate, “Self-Destruct”, is also very good for clearing a control point and combos well with Zarya and Reinhardt. With 600 HP, boosters for reaching vantage points, fairly strong DPS when up close and being able to score headshots, D.Va is where it’s at.


The beat goes on.

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Lucio is one of the most picked heroes for professional teams but he’s incredibly easy to use. Rather than relying on single target healing like Mercy or Zenyatta, Lucio casts healing across an entire area (though remember that your friends need to have line of sight with you). Alternatively, he can use Speed Boost on the team to rush objectives and provide better dodging ability. “Sound Barrier” is also a strong Ultimate, providing excess shields for a short period of time to negate many Ultimates.


Be the shield your team needs.

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Sometimes all you need is a shield and a really big hammer to dole out justice. Case in point is Reinhardt, the most popular tank by a strong margin. Reinhardt’s Barrier is essential for pushing against the enemy since it forms a solid wall for your team to attack from. The fact that it has 2000 HP and recharges quickly also doesn’t hurt. Reinhardt is also good at close quarters fighting and charging into control points. The “Earthshatter” Ultimate has various uses, from stopping an entire team cold to pick them off or stunning enemies while your team combos their own Ultimate.


Bombs, traps and some general insanity.

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Defense heroes in general can be tough but Junkrat is easy to use while providing tons of utility. Want to stop a Tracer or Genji? Lay down a bear trap. Need to get some place higher or inflict massive damage? Throw down a concussive mine. Then there’s the “Riptire”, an explosive tire that you manually control with a huge explosion radius. Junkrat’s projectile explosives also deal tons of damage without requiring much accuracy. So when in doubt, junk it out.

As a whole, any of these heroes can turn the tides in Competitive. However, just remember that at the end of the day, it’s about teamwork, communication and playing the objective, even if you don’t always win.

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