2016 MASTERS: Player SPEAK - DOTA 2

After months of Starter Cups and Challengers, the 2016 Masters is finally here. The teams have arrived for the grand finale of the ESL India Premiership. An accompanying them are their ambitions and hopes for the grandest event in Indian eSport history. We managed to catch up with a few players from various teams and this is what they have to say:

DOTA 2 Teams

Sanjeev ‘3czcxv’ Shrestha – “We are the Kings of DOTA 2 in Nepal.”

At first, Sanjeev seems very silent, but don’t let the image fool you. He leads his team into this tournament backed with a lot of experience. Even though this will be his team’s first International LAN event, they have played multiple online events. When asked about his team’s ambitions at the 2016 Masters of the ESL India Premiership, the captain calmly stated that his team will focus on each match at a time. Sanjeev believes that his team can usurp Challenger 2 reigning champions, DOTA Council by decoding their Dual-Lane strategy. And if you are guessing, the El Capitan plays as position 4 support for his team.

Asif ‘Mamacita’ Khan – “The Meta is quite versatile, you can't really pick 3-4 heroes and win”

Instinct Circle Gaming qualified to the 2016 Masters from their spectacular finish at Challenger 2. When asked about what happened in the months between these two events, he explained that the team underwent a few roster changes. “2 new players have been brought in and players, we have been practicing for roughly one month.” When it comes to the current trends in DOTA 2, Asif, stated that the newest patch is very versatile and the Meta is really balanced. Finally, Asif believes that his team has what it takes to beat the others and make it to the top 4.

Kunal ‘KuN-Yo’ Timilsina – “For our team, the aim is top 4”

This will be 4Merical’s first International event, but the players are not intimidated. Kunal, feels that they will have an advantage because the core of the team has been playing together for 3-4 years now. Even though they had a few roster changes, Kunal feels that it will not affect the gameplay. When asked about the relationship with their fellow Nepali contender, 3C4DA, Kunal remarked that We are like rivals in game, but friends outside.” By incorporating a mix of Meta techniques employed by Chinese and European teams, Kunal, believes that his team can make a top 4 finish.


Jeet ‘Swifty’ Kundra– “Winners”

“Winners,” that was Jeet instant response when asked what his team’s ambitions for this tournament are. Beyond Infinty are entering this tournament as a heavy weight, but this is no bother to Jeet. Even though the team had to get in a stand-in, he feels that it will not hamper their usual playstyle. One of the strengths for BI is that the core team has been playing for a very long time, but having a roster change could mean uncertainty at the 2016 Masters.

Raahib ‘Animal’ Reza – “There are many pretty tough competitors, but we got this.”

Raahib pointed out that the level of competition at this event is much more but it is not something his team is worried about. When asked about Council’s chances at the event, since many teams decoded their Dual-Lane strat, Raahib was unfazed. “Dual Lane will be to our advantage. They are so busy countering us that they forget their own strategy,” was his reply. He believes that the very close bond shared by the team will work to their advantage and is something the other teams should fear. Just like the Challenger 2, he wants his team to finish in the top 2 but was wary about Beyond Infinity as their “strats counter each other.”

Prashant ‘Pashu’ Ketaraju – “We use our own techniques mostly, but we cannot ignore the patch heroes.”

Standin 5 finished in the top 4 at the Challenger 2, but this feisty team arrive to Delhi with the aim of making a mark at the 2016 Masters. Prashant has a few strats up his sleeve and believe that this will help them counter the rival teams. He also pointed out that their team has been experiencing a stable roster for quite some time, unlike Beyond Infinity and Invisible Wings and this will work to their advantage. Coupled with picking a different set of heroes, his team hopes to finish first.

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