After months of Starter Cups and Challengers, the 2016 Masters is finally here. The teams have arrived for the grand finale of the ESL India Premiership. An accompanying them are their ambitions and hopes for the grandest event in Indian eSport history. We managed to catch up with a few players from various teams and this is what they have to say

CS:GO Teams

Simar ‘psy’ Sethi – “This time we are going to play aggressive.”

psy was one of the first players to reach the event. When asked about his team’s motivation at this event, he said “Well, we are very confident for this event.” psy stated that it was the stability in the roster which would give them an upper hand in terms of coordination and communication. Reeling from the recent loss at IeSC, the team has changed tactics and will implement them in the 2016 Masters. Despite the psy acknowledging that “the odds are not in our favour this time,” they hope for a place in the finals.

Sourav Mahmud – “Over here, we get to play against the best”

Evolution’s Sorav is probably one of the most professionally dressed, but he is dressed to kill. Sourav has years of experience and stellar achievements under his belt. Playing against Tier 1 teams such as SK Gaming, Sourav has all the right qualifications to guide his team. Although he acknowledges that fellow team mates, XNTRIC and Slash will be missed, hate and srv_need are worthy replacements. For Sourav, the CS:GO nuke map one of their weaknesses, but not anymore. His team is very excited to get an opportunity to go head on against Indian teams, Invisible Wings and Brutality.

Ankit ‘V3nom’ Pant – “We will be taking every team seriously”

When it comes to V3nom, one does not need any introductions. He captains Team Brutality, which is the oldest as well as the most popular CS:GO team in India. His team will not be running on its full capacity for the 2016 Masters, but V3nom states that introducing Tejas to the roster will definitely change things as “he will bring in a lot of experience and help win some crucial moments in game.” When asked about the international teams entering this event, V3nom agreed that Risky Gaming would be a tough competitor, but the team “will not be thinking too much going into this event. We just want to play our game.” The team is comfortable with most maps and they have countered their weaknesses through preparation.


Swaroop ‘MaD.’ Sarkar – “We might do some pretty good damage”

Under the leadership of Swaroop, Elements look forward to improve their game at the ESL India Premiership, 2016 Masters. Having faced strong opponents such as the Council and D2D at Challenger 2, Swaroop believes that his team will be a dark horse at this tournament. Even though several personal commitments pressure the members, the team has stuck together and Swaroop believes that this is one of their major strengths. Adding to it, his team boasts of their raw aim power which comes handy in a few games. He views the introduction of International teams as an opportunity to learn something new. However he concluded that not enough practice for the team could be hazardous for them in this tournament.

Aaqib ‘FalKen’ Dingankar – “For Masters we have changed our play style.”

For the 2016 Masters, Team Overcome have come well prepared. Aaqib, revealed that one of his team’s weakness is inconsistency and they will want to change the opinion at the 2016 Masters. To their advantage they have their roster stability and Aaqib terms that his team is like a band of brothers. With Sachin being recalled to the team, Aaqib believes that the team’s gameplay will improve as well as their luck, “as he is a good luck charm for us.” Commenting on the International teams, Aaqib states that it is a good sign foreign teams are taking part in this tournament. He also mentioned that their basic gameplay doesn’t work, his team “have something up our sleeves.”

Bhavin 'HellrangeR' Kotwani – “I think Indian teams have had it easy till now, they didn’t have to defeat any International teams to win major tournaments”

Entering the 2016 Masters, the team faced an unfortunate, sudden roster change, with xCali replacing Bhavin. However, this does not dull the spirits of Bhavin, who is also the team’s captain. He believes that the close relationship the team has will work to their advantage this tournament. When asked about the team’s weakness’ there was nothing worrying, but he adds that the team lacks an “overall knowledge of the game. We lack in certain aspects when compared internationally but I think we can make up in the firepower and team.” Overall, Bhavin is excited as this is his team’s first LAN event featuring International teams, and this experience will definitely help the Indian eSports scene.

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