It’s time for the ultimate rumble – ESL India Premiership -2016 Masters Grand Finale

Get ready for the year ending Grand Finals of ESL India Premiership 2016

It has been a mind blowing year for Indian Esports with ESL, the biggest esports event company in the world, hosting their maiden event, along with major mainstream investors like Pepsi taking an interest in the scene. However we, the crazy avid gamers are not done yet, as its time for the grandest LAN event India has seen – ESL India Premiership 2016 Masters.

With over 40 lacs of prize money, ESL India Premiership took the Indian esports community by surprise earlier this year. The yearlong championship hosted series of online tournaments, phrased as the Starter Cups where teams had to start their journey up the ladder to enter the season ending LANs, the Challenger events. Over 900 teams participated to challenge the elites. The two Challenger LANs however featured only the cream of the harvest and it’s only the ultimate Pros have made it out for the year ending Masters Grand Finale. Now, it’s time for the India elites for the ultimate challenge – win not only against the best of the best in the country, but also against renowned professionals in the region.

Speaking on the occasion, Akshat Rathee, MD, NODWIN Gaming said, ‘I am very excited for this finale that marks an imperative achievement in the eSports industry. We feel immense pride to say that our continuous efforts have led to the beginning of the eSports boom in India. This platform gives an opportunity to the e-gaming enthusiasts in the country to explore their potential and build a career in gaming.’

2016 Masters is here to rock the nation with a series of spectacles, that not only includes high voltage esports performances, but also a Cosplay competitions and a Just Dance competition. Cosplay competition is rather a highlight for the event, the winner will have an opportunity to represent the nation at ESL’s iconic international esports LAN event dedicated to SEA eSports community – ESL One Genting 2017, happing in the month of January.

So gear up for the ultimate battle set to happen from December 7-11 in Delhi, part of which is a playoffs while the main event will be featured at the 2016 edition of Delhi Comic Con, happening between 9th and 11th December. For those who want to witness the spectacle on-ground you can collect the passes from For the online viewers, the matches will be live streamed on ESL India Premiership Twitch Channel.

So keep an eye on our news forum as we are going to post tons of content throughout this event.

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