Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 3 Review

Having watched the first two episodes of the telltale series, the 3rd episode seamlessly blends into the plot.

The Batman series is an episodic adventure that keeps players yearning for more. While the characters and storyline in each episode is unique, it is even more interesting if players can piece together what is happening throughout the plot. Based on the comic series that most people grew up reading, the batman series is easy to relate to and follow. Every comic book has a hero and batman steals the spotlight for this one.

The New World Order, which is the new episode of Batman is a demonstration of the change that takes place when administration changes. Faced with a wide array of options of people who are in trouble and evidently need his help, Batman must make a decision based on the detective work he is doing to establish who is in genuine need of being rescued and what will benefit the most people.

Having watched the first two episodes of the telltale series, the 3rd episode seamlessly blends into the plot. It is only in the second half of this episode however, that players will notice the build-up in intensity as the political drama and romance heats up. While the superhero story clearly dominated the new world order episode, it is even more engaging now that screen time for this new episode is equally divided between Bruce and Batman.

Players can expect the same amount of detective work seen in the other two episodes but with little or no consequences. It is in this episode that players are introduced to the eventuality of what happens regardless of the choices they make. Players will be on the edge of their seats as they wait for the relationships that were formed earlier in the series balance on the verge of collapse.

There has been a reported performance issue where a player is supposed to pick from expire even before the page loads. While this is a problem for slow players, players that make decisions even before a scenario is presented to them, find the game worth it. The graphics of the game and obvious tension that builds up throughout the third episode is an indication of the big wins the game will make. Other than developing the plot that starts from the first two episodes, new world order has a new villain introduced, and this plays a major role in capturing the interest of players.

This episode definitely passes the maturity test and all audience will find it engrossing. There is every effort by the developers to make the game feel as realistic as possible and judging from the positive remarks that were made about the preview, it is going to be a success.

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