9 Top Competitive games released in 2016

In this article we have compiled a list of games that we think have the most competitive edge.

In this article we have compiled a list of games that we think have the most competitive edge. While we like to games like League of Legends and Dota 2, unfortunately those just didn’t release this year. So let’s get started off with the list.


This is a multiplayer first person shooter based around role based combat. This is one the games often compared to another popular competitive title, Overwatch. It very unfortunate the game is releasing way after every one of already hyped on Overwatch, but from looking at it, you can hope the game to really stand out with character specification abilities or first person shooter and not as a wacky and corky. While this is a game entering a market with similar games like this, so for people who have got into the Alpha and Beta release, they have really enjoyed with the game and have built up a sort of a community.

Madden NFL 2017

Well it’s an American football game. Well first things first, this Madden of course has got an update like every year’s edition, like slight tweaks in gameplay, a few new features and an updated roster. But its worth noting Madden’s tournaments get bigger and bigger every year. Last year’s tournament itself featured a huge $1,000,000 prize pool. And then of course there is this game and that’s couch gaming because people take these games very seriously and some people even end up betting money or even their friendships.

Street Fighter 5

Well not as universally loved as the previous edition, Street Fighter 5 still gets around in the tournament circuit. It seems like in the Street Fighter community, which by the way is a large one, these is a lot of question on whether or not the game will continue with the legacy. But as a competitive multiplayer game it does have a lot going on, it has a ton of different organized tournaments. Even CAPCOM didn’t use a lot of resource in the single player mode, they in fact improved a lot on the multiplayer aspect, one of them being the tech in connecting to the online servers. Some people have found this edition a little bit easier to get into, which is good for a competitive tournaments to attract more player and non-gaming fans to watch it. If you are not into watching any kind of competitive game or esports, give Street Fighter a chance, it might just change the way you think about competitive gaming.

Clash Royale

Yay a, we know, it a mobile game and it may not technically be a real competitive game. But we have to acknowledge that a ton of people play this game. Whether you are a casual gamer or a real hard core gamer, you might have this game on your phone and it is incredibly competitive. While it hasn’t completely taken off quite yet, it has a lot of esports potential to talk for. The developer behind the clash royal has actually built the game with esports in mind. But the biggest question is as any esports game, is it entertaining enough to watch and fill a stadium with people. Well time will tell for that. There have been public events and tournaments in various countries, but it hasn’t been really explored enough.

Gears of War 4

A game designed with competitive play in mind, Gears of War 4 has its own competitive category with different settings and balances to take into account. Saddle tweaks and toning down the damage and reducing certain factor like aim assist really highlights the best players and make them stand out and essentially really reward their actual true skill. Escalation and Execution are two of the most popular modes in competitive games as they emphasize on team based gameplay at the highest level. It not you little brother’s Gears of War 2 split screen match, this is the real deal.

NBA 2K17

This is one of the game which stacks up on the list very close to Madden NFL 2017 for the very same reasons. Of course 2K17 is another yearly update like any other sports game. Last year for the 2K16, 2K Games sponsored a road to the finals tournament, a bracket based tournament where players can get in and ultimately win a $250,000 prize pool. It was a really big success lined up with the actual real world NBA finals and it wouldn’t be surprising to see 2K games doing this again this year.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

We sat around and pick from the many first person shooter games releasing this year and ultimately we settled on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, not just because of the franchise, but because of the competitive aspect around it. There have been Call of Duty tournaments for years and in a way they built up its esports into what they are today and they are an absolute blast. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is going to have multiple tournaments sponsored by various companies throughout the year. To get a hold of the massiveness of the franchise’s competitive scene, a tournament for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 featured a huge $1,000,000 prize pool. While even though the game has been criticized initially, Infinite Warfare is nothing but an improvement on Black Ops 3. So if you have already adopted Wall Running and doing crazy stuff in Black Ops 3, you might a little bit more comfortable in Infinite Warfare.


Of course like every other sports game mentioned on this list, this is again a yearly update. But the FIFA competitive scene is already fiercely competitive around the world. There are multiple tournaments, most notably the Championship series that EA Sports runs. For FIFA 17, according to EA Sports, they are setting up a new Championship series posting one of their biggest prize pool ever. And if that is true, then FIFA franchise as a whole is definitely going to flourish.

So these are the list of top competitive games released in this year. There is a lot of competitions in all kinds of video games, so let’s hear it out from you guys that what games do you guys play in competitive fashion, what games gets you blood boiling and get the competitive side really raging.

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