8 Top Free Games On Steam

What are some of the best free games on Steam? With or without money, PC gaming enthusiasts can enjoy playing their favorite games thanks to Steam.

What are some of the best free games on Steam? With or without money, PC gaming enthusiasts can enjoy playing their favorite games thanks to Steam. This excellent gaming distribution platform is packed with plenty of free games to keep you entertained. You might think that since the games are free, they are poor quality and boring. But the truth is these games are pretty good and fun to play just like their expensive and full-price counterparts. The following are top free games on Steam released on 2016.

Adventure capitalist

This is a simple game that is very addictive. You can end up spending hours and more hours just playing the game. You start playing the game by squeezing out lemons on your own and then you work up to owning hundreds of businesses in 10 industries. The game is a virtual business empire that allows you to start a small business and as you make more money, you open up more and more business in different industries. It also allows you to hire managers to do the work for you once you have more businesses. The game is easy to play and does not require the latest PC or computer gadget for you to play.

Alien Swarm

If you love shooting games, this game is right for you. It is similar to Left 4 Dead series, and it features four-player squad system. You and your team will fight your way through a swarm of aliens in order to complete different objectives in sci-fi settings. The game features different classes of players to choose from, and each player has different stats and special perks. There are also a wide variety of aliens for you to fight.

The Expendabros

This is another free game on Steam that is very fun to play. It is an arcade-style shooter game with the main characters from the popular the Expendables movie series. The game allows you to control all the characters to shoot, slash and explode your way through machines, buildings, and enemy lines. The most exciting part of the game is the intensity of everything in this game and the different play and fighting styles of each character.

Double Action: Boogaloo

This is an action shooter game with first or third person view options. The game allows you to run, dive, jump, and wall flip as you fight your enemies. The most interesting thing about this game is that you are awarded for having the most stylish kill, getting headshots mid-air and doing back flips on walls. In fact it is an exciting game that shouldn’t be actually free.


Altitude is quite a simple and easy to play and addictive 2-D flying game. As you move from one level to another, you unlock new advanced planes and modifiers. You can upgrade your plane to have new special features. The game features simple and easy to play game controls, and you can play it online with your friends to make it more fun.


This game takes Minecraft experience to a whole new level. Although it looks like the popular Minecraft, it plays a little different. Instead of building and crafting, this game focuses on survival. There are zombies roving around, and you have to survive through the different levels. You must watch your health, thirst, radiation, hunger, and stamina. There are also weapons for you to use but you must be careful not to misuse your ammo.

Fistful of Frags

This is a replica of the popular game - Team Fortress. However, this game is set in Old West, and the weapons used here are old fashioned. The game dwells on the assumption that old fashioned weapons were not so accurate and this is what makes the game more interesting. You get more points and bonuses by hitting your target. Additionally, if you pull off more difficult kills, you get higher points. Some of the weapons used are axes, wimpy derringers, double barreled coach guns and single-shot sniper guns.

War Thunder

War Thunder is based on the Korean War and World War II. In this game, you can pilot jets, air bombers, warplanes and tanks to destroy your enemies. The game can be played by anyone including beginners and experienced simulation fliers. The game supports mouse control, keyboard operation, joysticks, and gamepads.

In summary, although gaming is not cheap today, there are platforms that allow you to enjoy gaming experience for free. Steam is one of the platforms that offer great games for free. 


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