7 Things you hate about Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a massive game and many people play it literally daily. But even though we like the game and often play it, there is a lot that is annoying.

Clash Royale is a massive game and many people play it literally daily. But even though we like the game and often play it, there is a lot that is annoying. Today we are going to feature the things Clash Royale players hate about the game the most.

Character limit in Chat bubbles

This is a problem a lot of players face while communicating with their friends and clan members. While writing in the chat bubble you can keep writing as much as u want, however when sending the text it won’t display the entire of the message. The frustrating part is it doesn’t even tell you that it has a character limit and stops you from typing more.

Units leave a building even if it is getting attacked

This is another frustrating aspect of the game, and most of you will definitely agree with. Now it’s definitely important to time the spawning of the units, but seriously, do they really have to ignore to defend the tower even after it is getting attacked by enemy troops? It just feels so irresponsible at times. “You are not protecting your fearless leader, you are leaving the work to others. No team work!!!”

Legendary Cards take forever to drop

This is a pain every free players will correlate to. Clash Royale is actually pretty balanced game, but at the lower levels. For higher level, it’s not, cause whoever has certain cards, namely the Legendary cards has a distinctive advantage and you can play this game without even worrying about the winning for most of the time. For the free players, on the other hand you will continue to play for a really long time and won’t get a single legendary card drop and you will be stuck in a lower level arena forever. If you do come across somebody at a lower level having a legendary card, it’s because they have bought them out.

High level players squeak in Low Level Arenas

You start playing Clash Royale while being super excited about thrashing the opponents, you gain a few levels and realize how broken the game is. It is immensely frustrating to see every once in a while a high level opponents popping in your lower level arena, and that’s just because Supercell allows them to do so. It’s obvious they want to grab some coins and treasure chests, but come-on, a level 9 vs a Level 3, how’s that even fare. There are definitely a lot of you thinking that why would you go to a lower arena and west your time, it’s just too easy, it’s kind of like poaching. Sadly not everyone thinks the same.

When opponent structure is just two hits to go down

This is one another frustrating but funny aspect of the game, even though you cannot complaint about it. You push your majority of army to a side of the map hopping to take out the tower as the time is almost running out, your tank units go down and the archers are there to finish the job. But no, with only two hits to take it down the last two archers also go down, and, the time runs out. It feels like smashing your phone to pieces and you would promise never to play the game. Well that doesn’t actually happens and you get stuck in a vicious circle.

Sleepless nights courtesy the Gold Chest popping after you activate the silver one

At night when you are just about to go to bed, you open up Clash Royale, open that silver chest that just got done because you timed everything perfectly. You open another silver chest because you don’t have any gold one and you get into a match. Apparently you win it and you get a Gold Chest. Now depending on how hard core you are in this game, you go “Ow well, that’s another 3 hours. I can be exhausted, but that’s fine. I don’t want to miss out on the Gold Chest.” And of course you keep on going on like that. 

The endless number of X-Bow drops from higher level chests

When you open a giant chest, or crown chest or a magical chest, the game won’t stop dropping the X-Bows even though you would never use them. Seriously what do they do? They simply kills of a single target. Yes they are useful against giants but that’s all. Why the hell would someone place multiple X-Bows in their deck only to be taken down by minions?

Free to play or Microtransaction

You would have already frustrated with the word – Free to Play or Microtransaction when people describe Clash Royale. If you play this game entirely with free play, this would actually be a fairly balanced game. For a player investing not a single penny, it will take as much as 4 to 14 years to max out every card in the game depending on what cards the game throws at you. You would have already understood that even though you love the game, you have already wasted a lot of time. Yes you can win if you have all the time in the world and somehow magically able to erase all the wait time, but that just not possible. O wait yes there is a way, You Have To Pay!!! It’s getting to a point where Microtransactions making the game and other similar games significantly less fun and at some point it is going to stop working. The publishers have to know this really fast, the Well is going to be dry eventually.

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