Civilization 6 Review – Moving Forward

Civilization 6 is another stellar addition to the franchise but it’s also a very rewarding 4X game in its own right.

Firaxis’ Civilization series has always been about progress, both in-game and with its mechanics. The series wants you to build an empire and expand it across the world. The catch is that your civilization is evolving over a number of centuries and changes have to be made to keep up with the times. Civilization 6 takes these core tenets of the franchise, along with the many changes introduced over the years, and refines them even further, opening up the options for domination and success. The result is one of the finest 4X games you could possibly spend 500 turns on.


Though many took issue to Civ 6’s “cartoon” graphics, there’s definitely a lot more hustle and bustle happening. Cities look and feel alive, citizens interact with each other more vibrantly and it’s definitely easier to glean information about your empire’s progress by simply looking at it. Sound is also incredibly well done, whether it’s the narration by Sean Bean or the mesmerizing soundtrack. Story-wise, Civ 6 challenges you to expand your empire, build wonders, create an imposing army and either conquer the world or work side by side with other rulers through diplomacy.


How Civ 6 differs from its predecessors is in the ability to “unstack” cities. This allows them to develop more naturally and even use the natural environment to their advantages. Your government can now receive random policy cards to change its effectiveness. Rival leaders now have “agendas” and you’ll know more about why another empire has turned on you. Creating an army and achieving total domination is possible but you can also invest in Civics, Technology, Diplomacy and more for success.

Fun Factor

The UI feels a little rough around the corners, especially with the “units need orders” tab. Victories achieved through culture also seem random at times and though rival leaders may exercise great tactics in one scenario, they could easily falter in another such as one leader shifting between war and diplomacy on a whim. That being said, Civ 6 is still incredibly engaging. It feels more streamlined but still full of depth, challenging you to expand its world while interacting with the elements in it much more. You need to do quite a bit of planning to take future developments into account and there’s more micro-management than before but it’s worth it as a whole.


Civilization 6 takes many of the same aspects that defined its predecessors and rounds them out in a much better franchise. It’s bigger, brighter and all together more epic while still maintaining the risk and reward behind “one more turn”.

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