9 Things you need to know before starting Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is out, it’s good. But it’s definitely not for players who take the game seriously. So here are the list of things you need to know when starting a new game.

Battlefield 1 is out, it’s good. But it’s definitely not for players who take the game seriously. So here are the list of things you need to know when starting a new game.

Squad Objective

Starting with the very basic which is surpassingly underutilized. Being a squad leader you should always mark your objectives. Not only is this helpful for the rest of the squad members, but you earn way more points in the process. We are not just talking about squad leaders, it also about players in general. Squad is a basic XP multiplier. You will end of doing thing much faster and it’s going to help you out a ton.

Medal System

Taking about progression, you should also use the medal system to your advantage. Every week the game will refresh with new medals that you can choose from and commit to like micro challenges within the game, completing certain objectives for certain class, completing number headshots for certain gun and so on. Completing these challenges will help you out because it’s a good accomplishment and you can get Dog Tags which is what pretty much all people want in this game. Even though you can’t choose multiple medals at a time, you can still bunch back and win these medals. It is just a cosmetic stuff but it is fun to have them in your bag while being another way to keep yourself busy while playing a multiplayer with these mini challenges within the game itself.

The Companion App

Here is a tip we picked up which testing out the Companion app ourselves. Even though it was a great addition in previous iterations of Battlefield, it’s better not to bother the app, at least for now. It’s been reported by a lot of players that unfortunately when you load up the app, there is a bug that resets you load outs to all of its default items. So if you click something in the app, it resets all you presets in game, so next time you play, you will have to switch them all back to your preferred settings. The companion app is also missing things, like the medic crate, the ammo crate in the gadget section and a few more things here and there.

Save your Warbonds

For those of who you don’t know, you gain Warbonds by leveling up your character, and most importantly, they are extremely limited. A lot of people waste away their Warbonds in initial stage of the game on things that aren’t very important for their style of gameplay. It better to save those Warbonds until you unlock a bunch of stuff and really figure out what classes you like to use and then use them all up on the specific class or weapon.

Be consistent with using your preferred vehicle for faster level up

As you might already know, each class, like the medic, scout have their own progression system. Well so do have the vehicles, the tanks, the planes. So if you want to consistently level up a certain vehicle, you need to play attention to make sure you always choose and opt for that whenever you can to level it up more effectively. It’s a same things as the actual character class themselves. If you are trying to level up a support class, stay out of the Tank, even though it’s there and you are getting tempted to select it. So it just goes back and forth. If you want to emphasize a certain class, stick with it. It sounds kind of obvious, but for some beginners this might sound a little deeper than expected.

The Art of Rushing

Rushing is definitely a skill you will need to learn in objective based modes. When you start one of these modes, it makes more sense to not waste a tank or a plane. First of all the tank are way too slow and in the start of the match you want to get to where you want to be as fast and possible. If its conquest you will want to take them quickly and hold them down and you are not gonna do that with a tank. In fact you will need the tank later. It can be argued that you can get to the objective quickly with a plane, but it still a waste again as you will need the plane later. Don’t waste that plane for your team mates and go on capture a point. It will help you win the match and become way more effective later on.

Aim the Rider, not the Horse

In a number of games you will encounter players mounted on their horses. Horses are fast and the players on top of the horse can be very dangerous and you will want to take them out. If you come against the rider on the horse, it is very important – shoot the rider, not the horse. Aim for the rider as much as you can because horses are like tanks. They can take way too much and it will be waste of tie and ammunition in the end.

Keep spamming the flairs

If you are playing the Scout class, you can be incredibly helpful for your team mates. Well al the gadgets are useful, but the Flair gun will be your absolute best friend. It will be your team mates’ best friend as well. For those who don’t know, shooting a Flair gun automatically identifies nearby enemies. They will be highlighted which give a ton of advantage especially for routing out campers. Also if you can get a fairly high and arched shot, you can get the most range and time out of the Flair gun shot.  So practice how you shoot it and think about the direction you shooting it.

Always finish the matches

This might sound silly, but a lot of players end of leaving the game in the middle. Now most of the player definitely play the match for the bonuses, XP, rewards and XP multipliers, but you wont get them if you leave the match in the middle. Of course multipliers can be gained from a variety of other ways, but you will still miss a lot.

So guys, there are the things you need to know when jumping in to Battlefield 1. Hopefully these will get you play better, winning more, earn more XP and progressing you character a lot faster.

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