8 Overhyped games that ended up being terrible

Publishers and developers over-hype their games, making bold promises and placing false hope into the minds and hearts of young consumers.

Nothing is worse than spending dollars of your hard earned cash on a new game only to be disappointed by the product. We all have come across bad games at one point or the other. Publishers and developers over-hype their games, making bold promises and placing false hope into the minds and hearts of young consumers. Here are few of the worst offender.

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Despite amazing graphics and music the first version of Final Fantasy XIV online turned out to be massive failure. Much like a cake that ends up raw in the middle, the game looked well on the outside but was mostly unfinished. Reviews and complaints got so bad that Square Enix had to start over from scratch while crafting a whole new game. The resulting reboot – Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn took place 5 years after the original. The reborn edition was well received by both gamers and critics.

Sonic the Hedgehog

The 15th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog came in 2006, and to mark this event Sega released a game called, well Sonic the Hedgehog. The game revolved around the storyline of saving a princess named Ales from Doctor Eggman. Unfortunately the developers took a page out of Sonic’s book and rushed it. The end product was a clunky game with poor controls and along load time and numerous glitches. Sonic is all about speed, but there are some times when you want to take it slow.

Star Wars – The Force Unleashed 2

The adventures of the anti-hero continued in the Star Wars – The Force Unleashed 2. Now you will think that getting to control the dark powers will be a definite fun, well you will be wrong. Even though it captured the same size and scope of the original story, The Force Unleashed 2 failed to deliver a good story and bogged down by repetitive combat. It’s cool to hack at enemies and mind trick to their own doom, but that’s pretty much all that you are doing throughout the game. This was definitely not the sequel you were looking for.


One of the PlayStation 4’s Launch Title – Knack had a duty of setting up the console future and success. Let’s take a moment to thank Sony that it wasn’t the only launch title for the console, because that would have been a disaster. Knack looked like it could have been fun, but no. The gameplay was terrible. Player will die from the smallest encounter and have to backtrack a ton. Not only was the game frustrating, but the story was so weak that your rage at the crappy gameplay will get canceled out by your utter boredom.

Tony Hawk: Ride

Prior to its release, Tony Hawk: Ride was boasted as the next major advancement in video game interaction. The game gave players a physical board accessory that would transfer your movement into the game. But it didn’t work. And we don’t mean that it didn’t work well, it in fact didn’t work at all. There was enormous delays between what players did on the board and what happened in the game that it was basically unplayable.

Rise: Son of Rome

Developed by Crytek, the makers of the incredible Crysis series, Rise: Son of Rome was set to be one of Xbox One’s coolest title. Players took on a Roman Centurion as he embarks on a blood soaked quest of revenge. But during development Rise underwent a bunch of changes that transformed from a first person title to a thirst person hack and slash game. When it was finally released, Rise was beautiful but immensely repetitive. Considering that it was the launch title for Xbox One, it should have way more that it turned out to be.


Prior to its release Haze was thought to be a Halo killer. But all it ended up killing was our hopes for a good game. This first-person shooter would put player in the shoes of a solder of a corporation called Mantel who would produce a drug called Nectar that would allow soldiers to perform better in battles, but also warps their sense of reality with hallucinations. Between its unimpressive level design, lame story and its under-whelming gameplay, Haze’s developers must have been the one hallucinating, thinking they could topple Halo.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Probably the biggest offender in this list, Aliens: Colonial Marines was so awful that fans were unanimously outraged by its quality. Some say its one of the worst game ever released by Sega. The graphics were lousy, and had shoddy multiplayer and not to mention the incredibly stupid AI, also adding the factor of unbalanced gameplay and terrible sound. The developer - Gearbox Software also claimed that the story was going to be in continuity with the film, but its lousy script revealed to be total nonsense. It was so poorly received that angry gamers actually filed a lawsuit against Sega and Gearbox.


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