Top 8 worst Superhero Games ever made

Publishers have been trying their luck on games based on comic superheroes. Some of them did the trick, while others failed by a long margin.

Publishers have been trying their luck on games based on comic superheroes. Some of them did the trick, while others failed by a long margin. In the article we are going to count down our pick on some of these game.

Thor: God of Thunder

Marvel may be having success on the big screen, but that has not translated into success in the gaming world. There has been several horrible titles, including the 2011 release - Thor: God of Thunder which was based on the first Thor film. The game suffered from very little variety giving you very little reason to keep going. It’s a dull game with bad graphics and its worse than unplayable due to the high number of glitches.

X-Man – Destiny

Sometime a studio puts a ton of effort into a game, but it just doesn’t turn up together in the end. Other times however, the game is doomed from the start, Employees who worked on the game have gone on records stating that the company was unfocused and disorganized, which resulted in a game that was far from a finished product. The graphics would be mediocre for a PS2 title and the combat evolves into a repetitive but smashing. It seems as if the project was not at all the priority on the first place.


Well, no one actually expected this title to be a success, but Catwoman didn’t even came closed to be mediocre. Forget the story, gameplay and graphics first for a second; the biggest problem with this game is the lack of camera control. For some unknown reason EA decided to use a fixed camera mechanic which made it impossible at times for gamers to even see where they are supposed to go. It is impossible to beat up criminal, only to fall into your death because you couldn’t see the edge of the roof.

The Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga

Even though the game was released on late 90s, can it be that difficult to develop a good Hulk game? All the ingredients for a success are already there. Things start of ok in this title as the Hulk is placed in a high-tech facility and has to essentially smash his way out. Like so many other Hulk game however, this one failed to deliver anything close to the gamers’ expectations. The sound is terrible and the Hulk is himself barely recognizable due to the pixilation. To top it off the story barely even follows the comic that the game was based on.

Iron Man

In the original comic Tony Stalk suffers from alcoholism. Well we would have been driven to drink too if we knew that the game was inspired by the comics. It was criticized for frustrating controls and repetitive gameplay. Although the graphics aren’t that terrible, they are definitely lack lustered. And adding to the mix, there are several levels and so many enemies that you will find it difficult to keep a track of.

Spawn: The Eternal

Everyone has an off day from time to time, and that may have happened to this title which was developed by the usually impressive Capcom. The poorly paced camera makes it difficult to see what’s happening around the character model. Although that might be a plus considering how dreadful the graphics are. Many people also complained about the simplistic combat and easy puzzles which failed to provide a challenge and became tedious and repetitive throughout the course of the game.

Batman: Dark Tomorrow

The recent success about the Arkham series has made people to forget about the failure of this entry, but we certainly haven’t. This title essentially resorts to batman beating up giant rats, which is almost criminal considering the variety of villains present in the Batman universe. The graphics and controls are definitely terrible, but it’s the ending that is especially bad. If you fail to deactivate the explosive in a secret room, you are forced to see a lengthy bad ending culminating into the dark knight’s death.


Well no surprise here. Better known as Superman 64, it’s not just the worse super hero game of all time, it just might be one of the worse video games ever. We don’t even know where to begin with. First, the game takes place in a virtual world, so, nothing you do will actually matter. Shockingly Superman moves very slowly, which makes the already painful floating ring missions even worse. It has terrible graphics poor controls and seemingly endless number of bugs and glitches. In fact this game is so bad that it makes nearly every other entry on this list seem playable by comparison.

So do you agree with our list? Which super hero game do you think is the worst. Let us know in the comment section.

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