Destiny Rise of Iron Review - Rise Above Boredom

Rise of Iron is for the hardcore Destiny fan only

Destiny's newest paid expansion is finally here with Rise of Iron. You'd think the mania behind this shared world shooter would've died down by now but it's going stronger than ever. Rise of Iron is a significantly smaller expansion than last year's The Taken King though. How much can you expect and is it worth diving into Destiny at all?


The story in Rise of Iron won't make a lot of sense for new players. A new threat has emerged with SIVA and Lord Saladin (who holds the Iron Banner event every month) has tasked you with defeating it. In between, you'll come across Fallen Splicers augmented with SIVA tech and learn more about the Iron Lords, Saladin's fallen comrades. As it is, the story is brief and over before it really gains any traction. Visually however, Bungie offers some very well lit scenarios and environmental design even if the new Plaguelands is far too similar to the Cosmodrome.


Destiny's shooting has always been on point and very little changes with Rise of Iron. New weapons and gear are on offer but they don't change up the experience too much. Playing around with the new sword Young Wolf's Howl and returning Gjallarhorn is fun though. Along with five story missions, players have a few missions, quests and Strikes to complete along with a Record Book filled with milestones. Each milestone gives you a new reward, primarily the Days of Iron armour sets. There's also the raid Wrath of the Machine which recently went live and it's yet another challenging but fun and rewarding activity for hardcore PvE players. Just don't expect another King's Fall and you'll be fine. Supremacy has been added as a new PvP mode along with three maps and it's serviceable if you don't mind close quarters battles

Fun Factor

It should be said though - Rise of Iron could've used more content. While priced only slightly lower than The Taken King, it doesn't feel like there's a ton of post-story content. The Plaguelands zone features one new patrol mission overall and the new Iron Temple social space feels kind of barren (especially with the majority of vendors being elsewhere). Archon's Forge was meant to provide some cool new public events but it falters from too much repetition and being unable to stack offerings necessary to initiate it.


Destiny: Rise of Iron is meant solely for the hardcore player but even that group won't get too much new content out of it. New players are advised to invest in Destiny: The Collection for the best possible experience since it includes the base game and previous expansions.

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