Hue: The color blind superhero

Built upon the notion that the world is only as colorful as you imagine it to be, the game Hue has definitely joined the leagues of imaginative play sensations.

Built upon the notion that the world is only as colorful as you imagine it to be, the game Hue has definitely joined the leagues of imaginative play sensations. When you consider the Xbox 360 generation of consoles, the one aspect that stands out is the re-enactment of experiences that deliberately do not have color. It may seem like the general trend among developers in this time was to avoid the realistic color palettes that indeed does make up the world.

The visual appeal 

Even though it is purely based on puzzle solving using color mapping, Hue is accommodative of those players that have no perception of color. The high-concept puzzle game is based on color manipulation of the background which is initially in grayscale. The interesting thing about using color to solve a puzzle in Hue is that every time a color is introduced into a section of the game, any object that is naturally that color ceases to exist. In the end, a player realizes that they are in a 2D world which they must traverse for survival.

If you still have no idea about what the game is about, you are not alone. Most people confess to being more confused listening to a description of Hue, but the experience when actually playing it is different

Power in the player

As you pace through the game, players realize that they possess the power to materialize and do away with objects based on their need for them. The easy level is characterized by the removal of walls and obstacles that prevent movement through space or inclusion of platforms that create paths to pass over. As the levels of play advance, a player encounters more complexity along their way but at the same time, gain a higher level of control because they can use even more colors to define their path. Game lovers will notice a certain degree of similarity between Hue and Limbo. But for the sake of those who are just discovering the world of gaming, it is important to appreciate the fact that Hue, who is the main character in the game can make all manner of movement from pulling on boxes, jumping, pushing and throwing items to solve as many puzzles as possible

Saving a life

The thrill of coming closer to saving Hue’s life at every level may be too indulging for many players and so they do not even notice the sound effects. Hue’s choice of audio is both pleasant and relaxing. The main soundtrack that plays throughout the game is a soft piano music, especially as the game picks up pace. Coming across letters from your mother on a quest to look for her is more than encouraging and Hue has its fair share of this. How else is a player to save time and find inspiration if not through hearing their mother’s voice; an audio log makes this possible by not only giving hope to players but also feeding them with a backstory of featureless sections of the game.

While the game is designed to progress linearly, it does offer players a chance to return to levels that have already been tackled in search of hidden beakers. It is quite likely that you will find this feature of going back, quite fruitless, as many of the featureless areas lack any sound effects.

Need some color ?

If you are color blind, the use of some colors might limit you because colors that are closely related will give you a hard time; what is the difference between the yellow color shade and the yellowish-orange color shade? You have to turn on the color blind option to enjoy this game if your perception of color is low. 

Some classic disappointments

Players who had seen the review of the game expected it to be improved by the time it was released to the public, but that never happened. 

This is the not the game you flaunt to your friends when they are around. The game has a single save option making it impossible to continue from where you left off or share a console with a friend. 

The game is well thought about and cleverly crafted; definitely, an interesting way to pass time. Since the controls are straightforward and quite responsive there is no reason why death should come your way.

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