Forza Horizon 3: Gaming against the real world

Imagine a world where there are no roads and you can drive at whatever speed you want. There is a new game, a masterpiece for driving fans known as the Forza Horizon 3

Are you enthralled by driving at high speeds? Dream of owning the fastest cars, technology can develop?  You are in luck! Imagine a world where there are no roads and you can drive at whatever speed you want. There is a new game, a masterpiece for driving fans known as the Forza Horizon 3. The game immediately sets you in motion behind the steering wheel of one of the most coveted car models in the world; the Lamborghini Centenario. Your task in the game is to race against two other top brands; a Ford GT and a LaFerrari.

A fantasy game in the making, the first thing you’d notice as a player is the graphics quality. To refer to them as attractive would be an understatement because they actually do border on excellent. Everything about the game is visually appealing, not mentioning the audio appeal. Do you find the sound of a turbocharged engine mesmerizing; try listening to the roaring engine of a Lamborghini on a race mission. There is no doubt that the game developers have done justice to the game by matching the type of cars to their sounds. Apart from losing yourself to the fun of the game, you need a high-quality audio system to match the desired outcome of the game. 

With only these aspects to gauge it, the Forza Horizon 3 is the best technology has to offer.

Exciting ride

You might not even have the time to get over the excitement of being at the back of a Lamborghini Centenario steering wheel before you start cruising through the Australian rainforest. You won’t even realize it, but it will be hours later when you find yourself out doing other vehicle brands you have always considered high performing. Apart from the thrill of driving an excellent car in any manner you want, you will also be adulated along the course and earn credits. The best achievement yet; you are not only a participant in the game but a developer too. The game offers players a chance to customize every game they are a part of. 

How do you earn points? You won’t need to sacrifice anything to advance in the game, in fact just make sure you are driving crazy, driving clean or driving fast. The Forza Horizon 3 has no wasteful rides because of every activity even if it seems pointless, accrues points in your favor. 

Freedom of play

You are your own event organizer with the Forza Horizon 3. The game even has scouts, who are looking out for racing events and by liberally sprinkling icons on the course, they will know how many laps you want to race, the cars you want to compete against and when you want the race to take place. Nothing is going to change the routes in the game even if you make numerous race changes but just being able to direct how who and when your race gives every race a personal touch; your touch. 

Games target audience

You might not be into fast cars, but who does not appreciate the occasional freedom of driving at your own terms? The numerous options of making the game a personal challenge is what opens it up to every person out there. Whether you feel young at heart and carefree or grounded in your character and reserved, you have the liberty of building your own game blueprint.

Critics will argue that Forza Horizon 3 is an effort by game developers to borrow gaming ideas from the public. While it is true that it appeals to the adventurous side of its audience, the game is the greatest sensation yet because it is a chance for everyone to be a combative and innovative racer. Like all other gaming sensations, it is going to require upgrades at some point, but before that, game lovers will have experienced the real pleasure it is.

Game highlights

You will be driving a priceless super engine through an Australian forest. Expect the ride to be muddy, but exciting. If you can imagine yourself behind the wheel of a Formula One car, then Forza Horizon is the closest you can come to that crazy ride on a fast track

People love cars everywhere in the world but most people own cars out of necessity, as opposed to pleasure. This game raises your rank from car owner to a car festival organizer and all this happening in an Australian landscape makes it even more exotic

No game prepping required because the excitement of the game is in learning as you go along. This is the closest you will come to making your own race track movie minus the numerous cut scenes involved

Compared to the games that have been launched before, Horizon 3 offers players the opportunity to make choices, especially in how you want to compete on the race track. Earlier versions of the game are characterized by supercars, but this one offers the choice of competing against any car you like. If it seems unconquerable in real life, test it out in a game

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