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It’s not perfect, especially with its original story missions, but Attack on Titan can be heaps of fun.

Anyone who’s even slightly familiar with anime in the past two years has probably heard of Attack on Titan. The breakout manga that became a monstrous anime hit has received a video game adaptation before. However, it’s now the turn of Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force with Attack on Titan for previous and current gen platforms. The production values, movement system and combat are on point but does this game capture the brilliance of its source material?


Adapting anime or manga into a video game is difficult. Something is usually lost along the way, be it the visual style or plot. Attack on Titan’s graphics faithfully adhere to its inspiration and whether you’re flying through the air as Levi or battling as Eren the Titan, the presentation is always on point. The story itself isn’t too shabby either but it doesn’t capture all the details from the manga. Eren, Mikasa and their comrades join the military to battle Titans and seek revenge for their families. Along the way, you’ll go from cities to the wide open wilderness in several pitched battles.


Attack on Titan’s core gameplay sees you utilizing a unique gear set and blades to murder Titans as quickly and efficiently as possible. As you soar through the air, you’ll have to rely on timing and speed to score successful attacks. The sheer variety of Titans ensures the same tactics and timing won’t work every time but that just adds to the challenge. It takes some practice but you’ll soon be pulling off dazzling combos and felling Titans with ease. The sheer number of playable characters also helps keep things fresh as each character has their own abilities to utilize in combat.

Fun Factor

When Attack on Titan takes you through the story – or at least a significant chunk of the manga’s initial chapters – it’s a fun experience. When you finish the “story” and take part in the epilogue, Attack on Titan begins to wear on you. This is due to the sheer number of monotonous and long-winded missions that require you to kill a certain number of Titans on a previously completed map. Since these missions aren’t canon, there’s even less motivation to go about completing them.


On the whole, Attack on Titan is an interesting hack and slash title that’s faithful enough to the manga while also presenting some fun gameplay. Its overall longevity is hurt by the annoying epilogue and it doesn’t do anything new or unique in terms of gameplay. However, as a neat diversion for fans of the show, it’s certainly worth checking out.

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