Top 5 most Unique Dota 2 Heroes

As we kept on playing, we quickly fell in love with the uniqueness of the hero. Thus in this article we are going to feature five of the most unique Dota 2 heroes.

All of us must have played a hero for the first time at some point of our Dota 2 gaming hours and while playing sometime or the other we would be surprise by the skill moves the hero is capable of. But as we kept on playing, we quickly fell in love with the uniqueness of the hero. Thus in this article we are going to feature five of the most unique Dota 2 heroes.

Nature’s Prophet

When you first play the hero, the Dota 2 interface will say that the hero is meant to be a support. But as you play one game after another, you will realize Nature’s Prophet is capable of immense mobilization throughout the map. He can join a team fight, keep forcing out lanes and farm faster than most of the heroes; he is arguably one of the most versatile heroes in the game. Even though you will start off with bad matches with opponents jumping on you the moment you pop up on their side, eventually the matches become way more fun than you can imagine. One moment your team is getting pounded by the opponents at the tier 3 towers, and the next moment you are demolishing the opponent barracks – A perfect comeback hero. Welcome to the madness!!!


Timbersaw is one of the few heroes who are completely reliant on the outside resources. He needs a lot of early game farm to start with the basic fighting items. But if you succeed in getting them fast, rest of the game is a definite fun for you. The hero has high mobility, thanks to the chain and slowdown ability from your ultimate and enemyescapes are next to impossible. When it comes to diving in the middle of a team fight and you are not sure if it will be fruitful, it’s better to take a leap of faith and join the team fight because the combined damaged output of all the skills will definitely surprise you. He is completely insane!!!


If you are playing Tinker for the first time you may not find the charm. However, with more games you will get to know infinite possibilities of creativity this hero is capable of. The ultimate literally refreshes cool downs of almost every items in addition to his own abilities. You want to ‘Blink – Dagon’everyone or keep someone permanently hexed or mess up with the opponents’ monitor display by spamming Shiva’s Guard – Tinker’s limitations are only your creativity.


Invoker is the hero that makes up over 50% of each and every montage. You can immediately tell a player playing the hero in a match that he is comfortable with him or not. We are not going to explain the individual skill sets or invoked abilities, however with a list of 10 skills you can either be almost unstoppable or a total trash. Even after failing in consecutive games you will the addiction of keep on playing it again and again – ‘If only I would have invoked the invisibility quicker!!!’,’Why did I miss that Tornado – Meteor combo’.


For a beginner or a semi-casual player it is really hard to control a single unit while coordinating with the gameplay of the rest of the team mates. And on top of it if there is a skill shot, like the Pudge Hook or the Mirana Arrow, you are definitely doing to freak out not only because of you under performance, but also by the constant rage of your teammates. Now let’s even consider you have crossed that level of difficulty and you are slowly getting a grip on the micro skills and have started playing Lone Druid. You do struggle switching between the hero and the bear when a fight breaks out and you either end up getting killed or feeding the bear to the enemies.

But this is not what we are going to talk about, let’s take it to the extreme – The Meepo or the Geomanceras was known in DOTA. Can someone actually find fun playing one of the most micro skill dependent heroes of the game? Well yes, definitely. We are not taking about managing just two units, not three or four; it’s about five units at the same time. And guess what, if one dies, all do.

Being in the opponent team if you are assuming that you are ganking a solo unit – well no – you might have been solo a second ago but you can never forget when Meepo is around, backup is always around. Meepo doesn’t need any body; he is the master of gankers.

So here we are with the list of top 5 most interesting heroes of Dota 2. Did you find any of these interesting, or you already have one of them as you favourite? Do let us know in the comment section.

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