Dota 2 players you would never want to play with

In this article we are going to list the type of players you would never wish to be a part of your game from either of the two sides

Dota 2 has been the forefront of world esports for the past few years. It has gained popularity, not just in the old DOTA players, but also in the general gamming community. As a result of which numerous individuals have become active who are not familiar with MMORPG games, or even though if they are like the League of Legends players, the complexity of Dota 2 has made a lot of them struggle. In this article we are going to list the type of players you would never wish to be a part of your game from either of the two sides.

The Mister Perfect                                        

In other words ‘I am the only one with a brain and rest are sleeping’. Seriously he is not the only player queued for a ranked match, we all are trying to win and get a better MMR. Apparently almost every single match, especially in the lower tier brackets, will certainly have an over smart kid who thinks starting with mid lane is his birth right. At the beginning of the match, while the entire team flocks at the bottom rune, he will rush to the other rune spot so that he wouldn’t have to compete for the rune. And of course he will die diving straight into the opponent’s trap. What next? ‘GG well played’ ‘Noob team’.

The pointless rage machine

These are probably the most annoying type of players. Even if things are going in favour of the team, they will keep spamming the chat with their rage and disrespectful comments. Thank god there is an option of muting them, however that doesn’t make them any better. They will keep disrupting others in farming, moving around the map, even intentional feeding. What makes them worse is that even when a teamfight seems to go perfectly, they will take umbrage with the fact that one of the supports got a single kill, or rather stealing it from them.

The ‘I am the God’ Tower Diver

Anyone who has played at last 50 hours of Dota game will know that a Crystal Maiden,or almost every hero in early game is a paper against the towers. Now it gets annoying when you, being the mid laner, are dominating the opponent and the support turns up in the lane without any strategy and ends up diving the tower. Result – the opponent get an easy recovery. It gets even more frustrating when he repeats the same mistake right after. After all, he also wanted to be the centre of attention.

The annoying Ping Spammer

Dota 2 has a cool feature of pinging on the map to grab your teammate’s attention. However, there are some individuals who would rather overdo it, or even better, spam it throughout the game. If a hero is spotted going for a rune, they will ping, if a hero leaves the lane for a second they will ping the lane instead of saying the hero is missing and if they want Zeus to ult they will ping the hero, despite having a chat wheel option for “Zeus ult now”. You might even end up muting the in-game audio.

The Smurf

Smurfing – a higher tier player playing on a lower tier account- is considered a menace in the FPS gaming world. However, a different version of smurfing is present in Dota 2. Players would rather spend a hefty sum of their parent’s hard earned money to buy a high MMR steam account and join the rank matches, only to spoil the game for the rest of the team mates. Even though they will eventually fall to their original MMR slab, till that time they will drag at least two to three hundred players down the tier.

The yoloRandom Kings

Let’s for a second consider that by the god’s millions and trillions of grace, you have a perfect lineup till the fourth pick – one carry, one support, an offlane and a mid. The only last requirement for the team is a second support. Well that’s where the god’s grace ends. The next think you will hear is a loud voice screaming ‘Random like a boss!!!’ and bang Legion Commander. He would straight away go to the neutral camps and farm, which doesn’t end anytime soon. While the entire team struggles to keep a hold on the game, he will not appear in any team fight. And when eventually he does, the opponents are way too pumped up win economy and he has no impact on the game.


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