Gamescom 2016 Aftermatch – Things to lookout for in upcoming Fall Season

With multiple teasers being revealed, Cologne has brought a ton of content to digest for us gamers for the upcoming Fall Season.

Gamescom has concluded over a week ago, but the aftermath can still be felt throughout the world gaming community. With multiple teasers being revealed, Cologne has brought a ton of content to digest for us gamers for the upcoming Fall Season.

Zombie mode revealed for Infinite Warfare

Activision has been consistent with including a zombie edition of all of their recent Call of Duty releases, and they have now continued with the trend for the latest – Infinite Warfare. This time around they have added a flavour of nostalgia with the 80’s tunes,David Hasselhoffas the protagonist and an even more dragons theme than the Game of Thrones series. It might even take your breath away by looking the trailer.

Destiny receives Private Matchmaking

A Detailed Look at Destiny's ign

Destiny has a series of content lined up for the fans to look out for in Septmenber, the Rise of Iren DLC release being one of them. Although this time a new addition has arrived for the gamers – Private Matchmaking – that will enable them to host their own games with complete customization option, like setting up the match rules selecting maps etc. This feature will be available after 20th September.

Star Wars Battlefront receiving special VR mission

Fan favourite Star Wars Battlefront is also not left out of the list. In conjunction with the release of Sony’s PlayStation VR launch, the game will also feature a VR special mission – the X-Wing VR Mission. EA has not released much details on this free to play expiation, the trailer video is definitely intreaguing.

Final Fanatacy 15 Master Edition

Even though the game has been delayed, Square Enix has tried to make it up with the release of an all new trailer of the final version during the Gamescom. They also went on to release footage from Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15, the CG movie tie-in that runs parallel to the game, and a new episode of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy 15. It seems the indefinite delays are now coming to an end and we are definitely going to witness one of the most awaited game of the decade.

Much more fun for Ubsoft lovers

If compared with other major franchises, Ubisoft released quite a lot of information for the fans. Watch Dog 2 is going to receive an all new multiplayer mode – the Bounty Hunter – in which if a player is overly dominating, a bounty will be placed for three other players to hunt you down. Adding to the announcement list, For Honor is holding its first closed alpha on 15th -18th September. Steep was also given a release date - December 2nd - while Eagle Flight arrives on October 18th for Oculus Rift and December 20th for PlayStation VR and HTC Vive. Star Trek: Bridge Crew fans won't have to wait long to take the helm - it's out on November 29th for all VR platforms.

Overwatch to receive new map, competitive rule and more

Blizard’s new hype – Overwatch – also received a series of content. Along with the new map - Eichenwalde, anunder siege German castle – the game will have an all new competitive rules, a new ranking system and a much more rewarding experience. And last but not least Genji and Zenyatta are being nerfed for good at last.

Metal Gear Survive Announced

Konami is all set to release an all new Metal Gear game. The formathowever has been changed - four player co-op title with survival elements. Many of you fans may not like the idea at the moment but it will definitely keep you waiting till 2017. The game is going to be priced at 30$.

So here we are with the list of some of the most exciting announcements of Gamescom 2016. In case we have missed out on the one you liked the most, do let us know in the comment section.

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