Top 3 Most Beginner Friendly Dota 2 Heroes

How do you even know which heroes to play when you have just started? Which heroes are good for beginners?

Dota 2 is an absolutely terrifying game for a newcomer. You have over 100 heroes to choose from, and you have a community of players who will chew you out for making the smallest mistakes. But, how do you even know which heroes to play when you have just started? Which heroes are good for beginners? That’s exactly what we are going to cover in this article.


Role: All of his spells are single target specific, so there are no skill shots that require precision aiming. Instead, you simply press the key for the ability, and click on the target. He has two built-in disables, so he is able to survive many gank attempts, and he even has a skill that allows him to weaken enemy right click damage deals, which can not only save your life, but it can also turn the tide of a team-fight.

Farm Dependency: Bane needs almost no farm, and his abilities are powerful enough that he can still be a factor in the game without spending gold on anything but wards, a courier, and boots.

Things To Keep In Mind: There is one special note about Bane that you need to keep in mind - his Nightmare skill. It requires strategy planning because if anyone attacks the person you’ve disabled, they will then become disabled themselves. This means you need to be careful who you target. If your teammate is attacking someone, you don’t want to Nightmare them. If someone is dropping a high damage area of effect ability, you don’t want to Nightmare them. Instead, you want to focus on spell casters who are on the edge of a fight who can deal massive damage, but aren’t the priority targets being attacked by your carries.

Wraith King

Role: Wraith King is one of the most versatile hero in the game. He only has one active ability- the Wraithfire Blast. It’s a useful single target stun and can be casted from a range. So even though the hero is melee, he can still be useful from the edge of a fight. He has a passive life-steal that he shares with the entire team and critical strike, which deals massive damage when ou can get some items in him. The real thing that makes him so good for new players is his ultimate, which gives him a second life, and slows all enemy heroes in the area where he is killed. This gives new players a lot of leeway, because even if a mistake is made, you get a second life.

Farm Dependency: Wraith King is incredibly versatile. He’s technically a carry, but if he falls behind he can be played as a support, which is great for new players who are having an issue farming. However, if he does get farm, he can be a force to be reckoned with, and he can chop down the other team in seconds. For players looking to try out their first carry, Wraith King is a great place to start.

Things To Keep In Mind: Just because you have a second life, doesn’t mean you can go crazy running into the enemy by yourself. You need teammates to follow up, because there is nothing stopping the enemy from killing you a second time. Just because you have two lives doesn’t mean you can throw it away.


Role:Lich is one of the best support in Dota 2. It is in fact extremely useful against newer players especially because of the ultimate. All of his abilities are activated, so you will have a lot to do, but none of them are hard to use. The Frost Blast can damage enemies and slows them down, while Ice Armor gives teammatesand towers extra armour and slows anyone who attacks them. His 3rd skill – Sacrifice - is what really makes Lich so great for newbies. It eats a friendly creep and gives Lichmana based on its health. This means he almost never runs out of mana. His ultimate on the other hand bounces a ball of energy around the enemy, dealing massive damage on them. It can in fact wipe out an entire team if they are bunched up, and can change the tide of a game.

Farm Dependency:Lich can be useful even without any farm. His damage output is massive and he doesn’t need any items to keep hismanafulled, as his “E” takes care of that for him. Beginners don’t need to worry about where to find that precious gold, because they can still have huge contributions to the game with no money at all.

Things To Keep In Mind:Lich’s ultimate targets both creeps and enemy heroes, so ideally, you’d want to find a place to cast where there are minimal or no creeps and lots of enemy heroes. That’s not to say you shouldn’t cast it when the situation is not ideal. However, too many players try to hold onto their ultimate looking for the perfect time to use it, and instead end up missing out. Just don’t use it when there is only one hero, unless you want to secure a kill. Also, the value of consuming a creep extends beyond gainingmana. In the early game, it takes away gold and XP from the opponent, so use it every time it’s off cooldown, even if you don’t need the mana.

So there you are with the list of heroes you should be focusing on while starting your Dota 2 journey. However, just knowing these heroes wont be enough for you to get a grip on the game, you will have to focus on the game play and game mechanics for the first 300 games.

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