Blizzard reveals Hearthstone upcoming expansion details

Blizzard unveils the newest adventure that Hearthstone players will be able to embark on, as One Night in Karazhan looks to disco strut its way into stardom next month.

Hearthstone is yet another example on Blizzard’s ever-expanding resume of just how important character-building and charm can be to any video game genre. When the game first released, players were drawn in by its comical spin on the Warcraft universe only to find that the card game was fun and addictive as well. The gameplay and polish combined allowed Hearthstone to generate over $20 million in revenue each month during its early days, a figure that has likely swelled even more as the game has become a staple on the eSports scene.

Blizzard’s decision to alternate between releasing massive card pool expansion sets and smaller sets called adventures has been widely praised thus far as a system that keeps Hearthstone fresh and interesting. The company announced today via YouTube that its latest adventure, called One Night in Karazhan, would be a light-hearted take on Warcraft movie villain Medivh‘s time as the Guardian in Karazhan.


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