Behold the first LAN Finals of ESL India Premiership – The Pune Challenger

The two days action packed Pune Challenger LAN finals begins today.

India is all set for the first instalment of the biggest esports event witnessed till date, the Challenger 1 grand finals of ESL India Premiership. Not only is the LAN final boasting a mammoth share of the totalprize money of the entire event, but also top esports professionals are flocking in to prove their worth for the championship crown.

The first edition of the Challenger series, starting from today itself, is a culmination of three months of rigorous battle between passionate gamers in three consecutive Starter Cups. Along with bosting decent prize money for being an online tournament, the trio cups also acted as the qualifiers for the Challenger 1.

Top two from each of the three game titles featured at the Starter Cups – Dota 2, CS:GO and HearthStone - have taken up a slot in their respective brackets. Also joining them will be the top two finalists from the recently concluded Open Qualifiers.

But now the stakes are going to be quite high for the competitorsand there is no scope of leaving any strain of error. A share of close to Rs. 10 Lacs and place in the Masters Grand Finale is something not even the top teams can ease about.

However, this is not the end of the story. The battles between esports athletes willdefinitely be the centre of attraction, but there will be a lot many other things to get you allured. If you have followed one of our recently concluded events, the Bangalore SuperNova, you will already have an idea of what a Cosplay competition is. ESL India Premiership Challenger 1 is also going to feature a similar competition with vibrant cosplayer flocking in to show their talent while bringing their favourite characters to life. But it doesn’t end there, due the inherent tiered structure of the entire event, not only the winner will be entitled a share of the Rs. 30,000 prize money, he/she will also have the opportunity to entire the final round of the grand finale of Masters, scheduled in the month of December.

The popular rhythm based dance number – Just Dance - is also part of the curriculum, but with a twist of competiveness as well. You can now get rewarded for being better in matching with the rhythm.Challenger 1 will also showcase world's best Virtual Reality device, the HTC Vive. You can immerse in your world of imagination - whether it's a spacewalk or indulging in the zombie world of Resident Evil - name it and you can make your dreams come true.

And all these actions are taking place in Pune, at the AlpaBachatBhavan for two straight days. So if you are residing somewhere close to the venue, grab an entry pass right away, or even better – a VIP ticket from BookMyShow and dive into the live action.

For those who have been following the event on streaming platforms, the entire event will be live streamed on ESL India Premiership Twitch Channel. Check out the following schedule iteration for details of the two days event.

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