With a whooping prize pool of almost Rs 10 Lacs at stake and a chance to advance to the ultimate arena the Masters, the competitors of Pune Challenger are nothing less than gladiators fighting for pride and glory.

With a whooping prize pool of almost Rs 10 Lacs at stake and a chance to advance to the ultimate arena the Masters, the competitors of Pune Challenger are nothing less than gladiators fighting for pride and glory. With less than 24 hours remaining for the LAN final matches to begin, let’s have a quick look at the list of teams who managed to grab a slot in their respective games.


Team Brutality –

Two words – dominance and consistency – that’s all you need to identify Team Brutality. With an array of endless tournament titles under their belt, Bangalore SuperNova Gaming Carnival being one of their recent achievements, they will definitely be the crowd favourite at the event.

Current Roster:

Ankit “V3nom” Panth
Arun “Kundya” Kandpal
Aakash “Rix” More
Ayush “astaRRRRR” Deora
Jay “Fox” Shah

SimperX –

Being the winners of the 3rd edition of Starter Cup series, they are well known for their fast paced gameplay. They had a dominant run in the bracket, now will it be the time for them to prove their worth among the top tier teams.

Current Roster:

Pranay "Wuzz" Bhatia
Kunal "PexxeR" Bhatia
Sahil "dk" Kakar
Shubham "Arcane" Singh

Legions of Doom –

LoD’s qualifying spot for the Challenger 1 is something you would wish to have once in a while – Luck. They lost to Invictus in the semi-final, however Invictus pulled out of the tournament and they were placed as the runner up for Starter Cup 3 and ended up assuring a minimum take away of Rs 32,500. Now, if they actually want to give the top tier teams a run for their money is what need to be seen at the event.

Current Roster:

Raju "VetoN" Chanda
Sandip "JaguaR" Singh
Sagnik "hellfightR" Roy
Biswadeep "V1cEE" Das
Soubhik "torrez" Saha

Go Easy & We Break Teams

Being relatively new teams in CS:GO esports scene, both did grabbed the golden opportunity by grabbing the top two spot at the Open qualifiers. With the lack of experience compared to some of the well-known teams and players in the scene, this will be the time both these teams will have to rely on their sheer individual talents and surprise pocket strats.

Current Roster:

Go Easy                                                                                We Break Teams

Ashish "k 4 b e N" Konde                                              Vikrant "Hacker" Pujari
Omkar "VandaL" Thorat                                                Anurag "Medellin" mantra
Kiran "s1z3" Kanade                                                       Sunny "Recoilmaster" ghadge
Rahul "reX^ /N/ * Peace* Patil                                   Moin "Friction" Shaikh
Yogesh "Fantastic" Mewada                                        Sachin "pwN" Gaikwad

Invisible Wings –

You qualify for the LAN, but then your team breaks and you lose your slot – You build a team again and you win back that slot – what’s the best way to explain this? It’s Destiny. Seems like it was Simar “psy” Sethi’s fate to play at the Pune Challenger. However, his current team has not played together in a LAN tournament before and it will be interesting to see if they can stand strong against the heavy weights.

Current Roster:

Ritesh "RiTz" Shah
Simar "psy" Sethi
Mithil "Mithilf" Sawant
Manan "Manan" Bhatt
Akshay "Kappa" Sinkar

Dare2Dream –

Dare2Dream is yet another team who got the silly advantage of the roster inconsistency in Indian esports scene, this time however by getting a slot in the Challenger 1 itself. However there is no denying the fact that they definitely have shown a lot of talent during their Starter Cup 1 run. This will be the best time for them in shutting their critics by showing some quality during their Pune Challenger matches.

Current Roster:

Sabyasachi "Antidote" Bose
Suman "3N3RGY" Dhar
Gourav "rulez" Roy
Souvik "LuckyZ" Paul
Raja "Riomeister" Saikai

Team Overcome:

Team Overcome has been one of the rising stars of the CS:GO scene. A 3rd place finish at the Bangalore SuperNova and a winning stroke at the 2nd Starter Cup, seems like they are definitely one of the top contenders of the championship title.

Current Roster:

Anuj "Amaterasu" Sharma
Divesh "m0nster" Shetty
Vivek "Shabby" Patel
Shoeb "Minato" Shaul
Aaqib "Bababiceps" Dingankar

Dota 2


Beyond Infinity –

Beyond Infinity is the reason Indian Dota 2 is being talked about in the SEA region recently. Recently, they grabbed a lot of attention while having a dream run in the open qualifiers of The International. They are definitely going to be the crowd favourites during the Dota 2 matches.

Current Roster:

Bari "ZeDisBuGG" Anwar
Moin "NO_Chanc3" Ejaz
Prasad "Battosai" Nalawade
Balaji "Blizzard" Ramnarayan
Jeet "Swifty" Kundra

Accelerate –

Accelerate is another team known to be unpredictable, once in a while they might even surprise the big guns right off the bat. However they seem to be working quite hard after their qualification. With a mix of new generation gamers and a few semi-experienced players they can definitely dish out some good result.

Current Roster:

Aditya "Az7y-" Vaidya
Pranay "SaD^" Iyer
Subham "SmOke" Kahali
Suparno "Zeus" Panda
Omkar "PasoL" Urunkar


XRG has been on and off the scene for quite some time. However them securing a spot in the Challenger 1 came as a shocker to a few, if not many. They a relatively inexperienced roster it will be interesting to see if they can sustain till the top 4 slot to further secure a Master’s slot.

Current Roster:

Mihir "Gondy" Shroff.
Sajjad "Sam" Sayani.
Dhvanit "Negi" Negi.
Pratik "Bluefrog" Rane.
Rahul "The_art_of_feeding" chaudhary

Aggressive 5

The names ‘Bluberry Pancakes’, ‘Evil Minds’ and ‘Surekh Gaming’ will ring a bell with old school Indian Dota 2 fans and followers. Aggressive 5 is a team comprising a mix of players from these teams. Most of their players have been at the top of the Indian Dota 2 circuit at some point in their careers and there’s no denying that this squad comes armed with a bucket load of experience under their belts. The old guard will be fighting to retain their glory versus the next generation.

Current Roster:

Rohan "DruzZ" Gokhale
Rohit "krowaz" Kakde
Pratik " Maze" Lad
Arjun "Playa" Barde
Archit "Icecubes" Pradhan

Devils in the Dark

As one of the dark horse of this tournament, Devils in the Dark are yet to reveal their hand. Challenger Cup #1 will be the first time that these five players will step into the limelight of tier 1 Indian Dota 2. The road ahead is a treacherous one, lined with experienced stalwarts and prodigal freshers.  That said, they have already proven their worth by beating XRG earlier in the tournament – only time will tell if they can repeat their performance at a LAN tournament.

Current Roster:

Aadesh "Hailing" Subramanian
Vivek "Antagonist" Chandra
Akshay "L'" Vaity
Shaurya "Devil" Singh
Mandeep"Venom" Jangu

Meet Your Makers

Having chosen their name (and their registered logo as per the ESL play website) as a possible tribute to the original MYM squad – this unofficial Indian version is starting to gain momentum. They took a while to get their engines roaring but once they did they were unstoppable. Starter Cup #3 was little more than their playground as they decimated everyone who stood in their way and emerged as the undisputed and much deserved champions of the cup. With players like Rest In Peace who have played alongside some of the best in the country, this team will be among the top contenders to take first place.

Current Roster:

Tejas "ReApeR" Chaudhari
Sagar "Patience" Baviskar
Gaurav "In.YouR.DreamS" Mahajan
Akshay "Insence" Ghuge
Ajinkya "AJ" Gajendragadkar

Invisible Wings –

The story of Icarus is a perfect metaphor for the squad that has fallen from grace. Only a few months ago Invisible Wings were considered the unbeatable Titans of Indian Dota 2. Multiple defeats to both Indian and South East Asian teams seems to have left a lasting scar on Invisible Wings. They managed to scrape through to Challenger Cup #1 via the Open Qualifiers however it would be foolish to underestimate them as anything less than a worthy adversary. The squad is known for finding their rhythm at LAN events and we expect nothing less than a stellar performance from them at this one.

Current Roster:

Raunak "Crowley" Sen
Puneet "Pandemic" Sangolekar
Ketan "Merciless" Goyal
Darshan "A35" Bata
Harsh "Archmage" Shah

Standin 5

Similar to Devils in the Dark, Standin 5 is an unknown element entering the fray at Challenger Cup #1.  Their performances at the Starter Cups were lacklustre with second and third round defeats in Starter Cup #2 and 3 however they managed to scrape through via the Open Qualifiers. This is a team that has been plucked from the pan and thrown into the fire as they now have to duke it out versus teams that are immensely prepared for anything coming their way. Perhaps Standin 5 can throw a curve ball at us just like many others have done through the Starter Cups.

Current Roster:

Arshad "GloriousInvocation" Khan
Chirag "Just My Luck" Sanghavi
Prashant "711Pashu" Ketaraju
Cedric "kiko" Amunra
Harshit "Xark" Shrestha


Following is the list of Challenger 1 Harthstone participants who have qualified to Starter Cups and Open Qualifiers:

-          sankalp96

-          DreamRunner

-          Boulzar

-          Sandeep Moudgalya

-          Abquake

-          xCaptainAwesome

-          Donbhai

-          Xorcist


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