10 Things about Pokemon Go You should know

Let’s go through some of the things you need to know when you start a new game of Pokémon Go.

Pokemon Go is finally out allowing fans everywhere to live out the dream promised in a legendary teaser video of being a Pokemon Trainer. The game is available on both iOS and Android platforms. So let’s go through some of the things you need to know when you start a new game of Pokemon Go.

Tracking System

The first thing you have to do is to get a grip of the tracking system and use it to you advantage. Niantic hasn’t given player many answers to the multitude of questions players have, but we have learnt how the system works, or at least sort-of.

Learning how the tracking system works is essential to the game and you can follow your progress in the bottom right hand corner of the main map screen. This will help you find the Pokemon that you want. The more footprints, the further the distance. Try your luck and start in which ever direction you want. If the tracker dips down two or three slots, you are going in the wrong way, try another direction till you succeed and try not to get hit by a car.

Catching Pokemon

Catching Pokemon will obviously be your top priority when you start the game and as such, it’s really important to know the tips that come along with catching them, especially since you have a limited number of poke-balls. The little circle at the center of the screen is not only an indicator of the time within which you have to catch, but also it lets you know how difficult it will be to catch the Pokemon. A Green circle is what you are hoping for as it means that it will be a fairly easy catch - Yellow is a step up but still very manageable; Orange and Red are very difficult catches and chances are you will have to use a better poke-ball or risk wasting a bunch of failed captures.

As far as timing is concerned, you should try to throw the ball when the circle is at its smallest. That will give you the best chance of capturing the Pokemon. Also you should use your index figure as opposed to your thumb to increase you accuracy.


Once in a while you will notice location marked in blue. These are the places where you can get random drops like poké-balls, strawberries, eggs etc. However the twist is that you have to keep the app open as there will not be a notification while crossing a real world land mark which has a poké-stop inside the game.

You can touch the blue circle to reveal the landmark. If you are close enough you will get you reward, if not the spin won’t do anything. Once a poké-stop has been used it will be marked as purple and you won’t be able to get any more items from it until it refreshes in about 5 minutes.

Powering Up

Pokemon Go is not just about catching Pokemon, it’s about raising them as well. Your Pokemon strength is determined by it CP or Combat Points. Essentially think of this like levels. The higher the CP, the higher level the Pokemon is. You can increase CP by spending Stardust, which is obtained simply by catching more Pokemon. Of course you can also evolve your Pokemon, but unlike the actual game, this is not tied to the Pokemon levels. Instead, evolving Pokemon is done by getting enough of that specific Pokemon’s candy. Every time you catch a Pokemon you gain some candy. But you can also gain some extra candy by capturing extra Pokemon of that same type and you can transfer them to Professor Willow. Just make sure to check the stats of the Pokemon before transferring, because once they are gone, they are gone forever.

Challenging Gyms

Gyms are the places where the toughest trainers gather. Unlike in-general games, you can actually become a gym leader if your Pokemon are strong enough. Gyms are those large red, blue or yellow land marks on you map that you won’t be able to interact with until you obtain Level 5. Once you are level 5 though, you will be able to choose what team you want to join. You will also be able to challenge opposing gyms or train one of your own. If you start attacking a gym controlled by a team, you will have to start from the bottom battling the weakest Pokemon placed inside the gym and work your way all the way up the ladder until u get the gym leader.

Every time you win against the gym leader, you will knock down the gym’s prestige until eventually you kick them out altogether.

If you have the strongest Pokemon at a gym, you can actually even become that gym’s leader. On the other side, if you train a gym you control, defeating the Pokemon inside the gym will actually lead to improve your prestige and make the gym better equipped to defend challengers.

Data and Battery Usage

As cool as Pokemon go is, it takes a toll on you battery. Fortunately the game has an in-game battery saver option that can be turned on and off. Also when batteries are concerned, the battery saver also manages the keep all the important features, like GPS and notifications from Pokemon nearby, while making the app drain relatively less battery while it’s on.

Data usage is also a concern for people having small data plan, According to the Beta testing, the game will use about 0.01 GB/Hr. This may not sound like a whole lot, but it’s still worth keeping a track of, when added to your already existing data usage habits.


As you visit more and more poké-stops, chances are you are going to grab more eggs than what to do with them. The eggs will hatch when you walk a certain number of kilometers. That being said, you still need to place the egg inside an incubator, one of which you will be provided to you in the beginning. In order to get more incubators to hatch multiple eggs at once, you will have to buy from the poke-shop.

The amount of distance you need to walk varies between different types of eggs –some will take barely 2 km, other may take 5 or even 10 km.


Pokemon Go is a free app and you can do the basic things like capturing Pokemon visiting poke-stops, and while poke-balls aren’t free you will get a ton at the start of the game and more whenever you level up. That being said those who are willing to cough off some real life money, are definitely going to find themselves able to make a lot more progress. Player can buy poke-coins which will enable them to buy poke-balls, incense to make Pokemon come to you for limited amount of time, incubators to speed up the egg hatching process, lucky eggs that will double your exp. for limited amount of time, and learn modules that will track Pokemon and poke-stops with other people also being able to benefit from the effects.


Back when Pokemon go was first announced it was teased to have a system where players can trade Pokemon. But unfortunately that system does not exist. There is no trading at Pokemon Go, but considering that it was such a prominent part of the announcement trailer, one will have to believe that it will be part of the game in future. Seriously a game of collecting Pokemon without the ability to trade them?

Be careful, Safety first

It is very important to keep in mind your safety ahead of playing the game. It’s great that a game like Pokemon is able to encourage people to get out of their house and walk around outside and actually rewards them for doing so. But as the game says, remember to be alert at all times. In a fake news making its round through the internet about a kid getting stabbed because he wondered into a bad neighborhood while being too focused on Pokemon go; even though it’s a fake story, it is certainly possible when it comes to this game. It almost feels like a clock is ticking for the first incident of a kid getting hit by a car. Please don’t let that happen.

And those are the ten things to know about Pokemon go. The game is definitely in a super rough stage right now due to the server stress cause of the game’s popularity, but there is a really cool idea in the core of this game and like we said before it’s pretty awesome to have an app that gives the Pokemon fans an extra reason to get up and walk around and explore new places.

Check out the game and tell us your experience. Were you lucky enough to grab some of the rare Pokemon? Let us know in the comment section.

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