Trails of the Blood Dragon Review

Trials of the Blood Dragon is different to other Trials games even if it has this name. It has foot missions and it even has platforming sections.

Many of the games created by Ubisoft nowadays are designed with an open world in mind, but not all of them pursue that path. Other series, like Trials try to pursue the action packed and skill based enthusiast features. No matter which one you like the most, Trials of the Blood Dragon let you check out both in a very interesting and fun manner.


Trials of the Blood Dragon is different to other Trials games even if it has this name. It has foot missions and it even has platforming sections. Honestly, adding platforming in a game like this might hinder the experience, but the Blood Dragon approach is new and fun for this type of game. It’s interesting to have the two genres blend together and the game does pay good homage to both.

Unfortunately, the game does suffer from an identity crisis as a result. This is not trials, but it’s not Far Cry either. It’s a title that attempts something new which isn’t entirely bad.

They added a voice acting which is bland, generic and which won’t really make you care about the game in the first place. Also, the controls are lacking at times and you will have to spend a lot of time as you try to master them. It’s not a bad thing for sure but it can bring you a very good value that you will enjoy at all times.

There are situations where you can encounter special mechanics like jetpacking and grappling and those are fun. Gunning down commies is as refreshing as ever and the fact that the graphics are so colorful does aid with the immersion factor.

There are cutscenes here and you will definitely appreciate the hard work placed into them. It’s interesting to see the esthetics as they will make the game’s experience more pleasant and fun. It can be a little challenging at first to understand the story, but since this is a parody it won’t really matter on the first place.


As we stated earlier, Trials of the Blood Dragon does a great job with the graphics palette. It looks great, it feels different and the neon pinks and blue will always make you remember the 80s. That’s the main reason why this game was created in the first place, so it’s justified why they chose this particular set of colors.


Trials of the Blood Dragon is not as challenging as other Trials games nor does it seem to be a part of that series. It’s a fun experience nonetheless and one that you will enjoy because it’s something new. Sure, if you don’t like the 80s and you don’t care about nostalgia, this game might not be for you. This is not a shooter with great story nor a skill game, it’s a combination of the two and it’s made with fun in mind. If that’s what you are looking for, this game is a definite go!

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