SuperNova Gaming Carnival - Bengaluru edition ends with a blast

Supernova Gaming Carnival finally concluded and with it we managed to have some of the best gaming moments in the Indian CS:GO history.

Supernova Gaming Carnival finally concluded and with it we managed to have some of the best gaming moments in the Indian CS:GO history. There was a lot of fun and interesting gaming moments and all of that was combined with some amazing music and other cool activities.

The CS:GO championship

The CS:GO championship was definitely the highlight of the Supernova Gaming Carnival. It managed to show that the Indian community is not only the one to be reckoned with, but one that can also deliver successful events and would take your breath away.

Team Brutality had quite a comfortable run throughout the LAN event. They even ended up thrashing KFP in the grand finale with a quick wrap up of 16-5 and 16-3 in Cache and Dust2 respectively. Agneya “Marzil” Koushik did try to do some damage control, but eventually his flawless talent became inadequate.

The prize pool of INR 4,00,000 was another highlight of the event and something that hopefully we get to see more of in the future esports events. There were many teams who attended the SuperNova gaming carnival and showcased their might, which made the tournament competitive and a lot of fun to watch. 

When Team Brutality was asked about the reason of entering the contest, they replied that they wanted to prove their dominance on both LAN and Online events. Prize money was their least concern, their motive was to establish the fact that they are the leading Indian CS:GO team on each and every front.

It was an interesting experience for everyone and seeing them plow through the competition as they went towards the finals was a great experience.

The Cosplay competition

Cosplay was another interesting and unique addition to the event. A large number of participants turned up for the event and all of them worked hard to deliver accurate reenactments of various gaming icons.

There were many DOTA and LoL costumes, but there were some from other games as well. The Brain Sucker cosplay from Resident Evil and James from Pokémon were exceptionally outstanding and the judges had a really hard time to pick a winner out of the competitors. In the end, it was a competitor named Yogesh, cosplaying as Juggernaut from Dota 2 who managed to take the crown. He not only had an accurate suite, his moves were impressively convincing, especially the Blade fury.

Other great add-ons to increase the fun factor of the event was the VR showcase. HTC Vive’s VR experience was unexpectedly overwhelming for the flocking audience.

Abish Mathew’s standup comedy was nothing less than a blast for the audience. The music was also quite immersive, thanks to Vachan Chinappa

As a whole, the SuperNova Gaming Carnival was a great success. It managed to showcase the skills offered by the Indian CS:GO teams and it also integrated some interesting challenges. Overall, it was a fun experience and one that managed to provide some interesting results, especially when it comes to the tournament and the cosplay competition. Since the first edition of SuperNova was a great success, you can expect it to return soon with even more gaming fun and competition!

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