NovaPlay proudly announces SuperNova – An ultimate Gaming Carnival

Following the announcement of one of the first Indian gaming carnival, SuperNova, NovaPlay is all set to launch its first of the series of five LAN events.

Following the announcement of one of the first Indian gaming carnival - SuperNova, NovaPlay is all set to launch its first of the series of five LAN events. Along with the epic battle between the top tier Indian esports professional, the event is also going to host a bundle of never ending entertainment package. If you are a fan of gaming, enjoy action packed moments and you love to see some of your favorite game characters coming to life, this is the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy your time! Gaming fans all over India should give this amazing event a shot right away as the tickets are now on sale and the event starts on 3rd July in Loft 38, Indiranagar, Bengaluru. So prepare yourself for one of the most interesting, fun and exciting gaming moments that you always wanted to have!

Why attend the SuperNova event?

SuperNova is set to be one of the most immersive gaming event in India. The event enables players all over India to have fun as they explore all the amazing possibilities offered by the LAN tournaments and cosplay competitions. Not only that, SuperNova is also set to deliver a unique entertainment experience with the hosting of electronic music concerts and live performances by known personalities. If you want to have fun and enjoy your time with gamers, this is indeed the ultimate event that you should check out right away!

CS:GO championship

The highlight of SuperNova is definitely the CS:GO Championship. A total of 8 of the best teams in India will battle out for the glory.

Out of these teams, 4 teams are going to qualify from two separate LAN qualifiers. The events for the offline qualifiers are set at the infamous - League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG) Café – and the widely known gaming destination - Blitzzone 2.

A separate online qualifier was conducted last week between 64 registered teams out of which 3 teams have succeeded in grabbing a slot in the LAN Finals. The final slot is still up for grab for 5 selected teams through an online qualifier

An unimaginable total prize pool of INR 4 Lacs is at the disposal of the 8 participants. All the participating teams are ensured a share of the prize pool, as INR 15,000 is allotted for teams ending their Bangalore SuperNova journey in 5th-8th places. The champion team will be awarded a majority pool share of INR 2 Lacs, while the second place is entitled INR 1 Lacs and the third one INR 25,000.

Cosplay Competition

The Cosplay competition for SuperNova is also setting a new record in the Indian Cosplay history. In response to the numerous registrations being recorded for the on-site competition, a monumental prize pool of INR 50,000 is set for the enthusiastic competitors to grab. The Top 3 podium finishers are set to receive INR 20,000, INR 10,000 and INR 5,000 in descending order of their placings.

Other attractions

If you love stand up appearances, then you are bound to love Abish Mathew and his great comedy show that he is set to perform during the event. His impressive combination of extracting comic angles in some of the simplest occurrences in our everyday life, added with the flavor of amazing one liners and cool original songs that he creates, are simply incomparable.

That is not the end as BLOT, is also set to perform during the event.  Vachan Chinnappa is another great attraction for the event. From a great combination of heavy metal with techno, Vachan Chinnappa has managed to change the world of Indian music and he continues to do so with great results. With his new instrumental experience and plenty of interesting club songs, he show is indeed one of the most impressive moments to be had at SuperNova.

Lastly, SuperNova is also set to present a great experience of virtual reality to the Indian gaming community with the showcase of a complete VR set up of HTC Vive. If you are feeling deprived of the immersive world of virtual reality, especially after some of those attractive VR game releases, do join us at our VR booth.

To wrap up, SuperNova is not just another gaming event, it is the carnival every Indian gaming enthusiast in the country have been waiting for - An ultimate gaming festival! Check out the complete timeline of the event Here.


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