E3 2016 hype trail: Things to lookout for

E3 2016 is right around the corner and you guys already know it’s time for some of the biggest game surprises and announcements. So we are bringing you guys some of our speculations of top nine E3 rumors that might be coming true.

E3 2016 is right around the corner and you guys already know it’s time for some of the biggest game surprises and announcements. So we are bringing you guys some of our speculations of top nine E3 rumors that might be coming true.

Cyberpunk 2077 might be unveiled

One of the high profile expectations from the upcoming E3 is the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Project Red. This is their new cyberpunk themed RPG that they started working on even before they finished The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

In a recent interview Jose Teixeira, a visual effect artist from the company said, “We could have made a million expansions for The Witcher because there is so many stories in that, but everyone is crazy excited about Cyberpunk 2077.”

Seems like things are amping up in this game and since it’s been on work for so long, this year might finally witness the launch of the game. Cyberpunk 2077 has the potential to steal the show and make a huge splash and be the thing that everyone’s talking about, especially because it will be kind of unexpected.

Bethesda holding secrets?

In the 2015 edition of E3, Bethesda had their first big conference, and it was because of the big unveiling of Fallout 4. This year again they are holding an event, but the big question is what are they going to show. We are obviously going to see some of Dishonored 2 and its real gameplay. They might even showcase some new things from Doom or may be a little of BattleCry, and of course not to mention some information about the 6th edition of Elder Scroll online. But still considering the fact that they rented out an entire arena for the press conference, it seems they might be holding some really crazy stuff.

Destiny 4th expansion unveiling by Activision

The word on street is that we are going to get a look at the Destiny’s 4th expansion as Activision has a lot of investment on the project. Also the fact that they are planning to extend the game for quite some time. We might get a good look of the expansion, the quests and raids and all the things that will come with it. Can we expect the next Destiny game? Well that is certainly not going to happen for quite some time.

Sony and Microsoft to announce new consoles

It seems like a thing, or a potential thing every year as a price drop can be expected for older version of both Xbox and PS as both Sony and Microsoft are geared up for their next edition of consoles, the PS Neo and the much rumored VR enabled Xbox One. We can also expect the revamped edition of the present Xbox One, or rather 1.5 which is rumored to be slimmer with some hardware upgrades. The rumors are really hot right now and they are all from trusted sources. And considering the current gen consoles having trouble keeping up here and there with their rival PC platform, it does makes sense launching upgraded products.

Also one of the highlights of the Sony conference is their soon to release PlayStation VR. You can expect a lot of talks about VR and some awesome gameplay showcases with promising new features to place the product in the league of already existing competitors.

Rocksteady might announce a new super hero game to repeat their Arkham success

Every once in a while, you might hear the name Rocksteady and their next release. They have received a lot of appreciation from the Arkham franchisee. Well the idea is that they might start with a new super hero game. There was a rumor a few month ago of a Superman game they are working on, however there is still no legitimacy of the project. But it definitely seems to be a quite a perfect time to reveal their upcoming project.

EA promising explosive package at their conference

EA is expected to deliver a great show at the event this year. This is all because of Star War, Mass Effect and Titan Fall 2 and maybe something else we don’t know about. We might finally get a glimpse of the actual gameplay from Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Also expect Titan Fall 2 to come out guns blazing with not only showcasing stuff with the game like the sword shown in the trailer, but also a lot of details of their single player component as we are expecting the single player to be prioritized by many of the companies.

For esports fan there will of course be some revealing of new editions of sports games, like a new version of FIFA?

Watch Dog 2, the hype is real

Watch Dog 2 is definitely a thing and it has been acknowledged by Ubisoft with the surprise unveil of the Cinematic trailer. As we have talked about it in one of our recent articles, Watch Dog 2 is expected to fill the vacant pace created by the absence of an Assassin Creed edition release. Ubisoft has spoken about how the game is differently toned and will certainly surprise people. However, it will also be interesting to see how the fans react to a different type of open world game.

Rockstar to unveil new edition in Red Dead franchisee?

With all the rumors flying around, you have to acknowledge Rockstar Games and Red Dead Redemption 2 or Red Dead 3 or who knows what they are hiding under their sleeves. Even though it’s not likely that they might be released this year, but Rockstar and 2K has publicly said that they are working on new things. Microsoft might even announce in their conference the backward compatibility for the franchisee’s earlier releases on Xbox One.

Resident Evil 7, one of the most exciting talk of the town

Capcom has gone dark and back to the drawing board for Resident Evil. Capcom has earlier spoken publicly about their wish to return to their roots with the series. They have also spoken about how they are aiming to embrace VR for the franchisee. With resident evil being a forefront of a new type of experience, maybe the change is going to be quite a necessity. Capcom has already suffered from their mistakes in Resident Evil 6 and they are hungry and excited to make a comeback and we are really hoping for them to impress us with their next edition.

So these are the rumors of E3 2016 that you need to know about; these are the things that people are taking and speculating about. Of course we have left out some of the more obvious exciting thing, like a new look of the Final Fantasy 7, some more games from Microsoft, Battlefield 1 showcase and many more from the never ending list of rumor trails. Maybe, just maybe we can finally witness the Half Life 3 unveiling, who knows. So we want to know from you guys, what are you guys hyped about the most in this year’s edition of E3. Do let us know in the comment section.

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