Ubisoft reveals Watch Dog 2 Cinematic trailer.

Get yourself hyped by an all new open world game from Ubisoft, the sequel of Watch Dog.

Ubisoft has finally revealed a trailer of the highly anticipated game, Watch Dog 2. The trailer sustains the original storyline with a focus on open world action. The game will involve numerous features based on technological advancement of the real world, like hacking. The storyline revolves around the protagonist, a downtrodden man fighting against a corrupt corporate system. It is also expected that the game will be showcased during the upcoming E3 2016.

The game was previously revealed accidentally by one of the developers a year ago prior to the E3 2015 and it was anticipated that the game might be launched then. However, later it was confirmed that the game was still in the early development phase and it still lacked “a lot of gameplay details and other information such as the release date and platforms supports”.

Considering the fact that Ubisoft has already confirmed that they will skip the yearly release of Assassin Creed franchisee, it will be interesting to see if they can match the expectation of the fans with an all new style of open world game.

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