9 misconceptions about Gamers by Non-Gamers: Part 2

We know lot of you guys face a lot of criticism in your daily life from your friends, coworkers, and family members. Following are some of the misconceptions you must have faced at some point and will probably feel our pain with this list.

In the previous edition we pointed out some of the stereotypes of common people against gamers. This edition will enlist a few more of them.

5) Gamers don’t socialize

This is one of the ridicules ideas common in people that gamers, especially MMO players don’t have friends in their real life. The reality however is that sometimes people are actually interacting with more people while gaming than in physical socialization. Playing video games, especially multiplayer online games puts you in an environment where you will be socializing with other gamers one way or the other. In two hours of gaming, you might have more social interactions with people than what you might have in an entire week. This is after all the 21st century where you can make friends that doesn’t necessarily live next door.

6) Gaming is a waste of time

One of the most hypocritical statement used by the non-gaming individuals is that gaming is a waste of time as most of the people now a days watch to an average of 2-3 hours of TV. While watching TV involves passively consuming your brain, a gamming session involves actively engaging all parts of your brain, reflexes and motor functions.

There is also the fact that every person has their own choice of hobbies, whether it be watching TV, playing computer games, playing football or hanging out with friends, and no one should be stereotyping on personal favorites. Hobbies are meant to make a person happy.

7) There is no career

Many of you have heard that you cannot make a career out of video games. That is absolutely not true. Now you might think that you are nowhere close to Pewdiepie or TotalBiscuit or can write articles for GameSpot, but that doesn’t mean you cannot create something or run something.

With a lot of will to learn and a lot of hard work you can do a lot of things for the gaming industry, especially because it is currently one of the top immerging markets. Of course you will have to start small with game development, writing articles, record interesting contents, or do a podcast and share what you feel about what’s currently happening in the gaming world and eventually you will definitely establish yourself with a career.

8) Video games are for Kids

Of course the first basic games were intended for kids, but the medium has grown just as the players who play them. The gaming market is all geared to matured gamers and most games now published are rated “M” for Mature. There is a reason for that, because the majority of the audience are adults buying these games.

But of course there will always be a place for children with games like Skylander, Minecraft and many others. It is a growing medium and a lot of gamers who started playing as a children have now all grown up and the medium has also followed them.

However, if you do play video games you do have a little bit of the inner child like nature who would like to relive the excitement of the gaming world you once experienced in your childhood and that is something you should never ever loose. Listen, Never forget to have fun!!!

Let us know what you think about the list, how many of these can you relate to your real life. Let us know in the comment section.

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