Thanks to the fact that many consider Dark Souls to be a very challenging series .....

Dark Souls 3 Review

Thanks to the fact that many consider Dark Souls to be a very challenging series, the games have become quite popular and they have always managed to impress people with their gameplay and quests. Dark Souls III is no different, because it allows you to enjoy more of the same gameplay, all while trying out something cool and new to begin with.

You get all the weapons from the previous games as well as some new types of swords including some amazing, powerful ones as well. You will also welcome the bonfires which will deliver a tight, nice and fun gameplay experience.

The Estus Flasks are a nice and exciting way to spruce up the gameplay because you do need them at all times. You will appreciate the fact that the movement for this game is better this time around and the overall speed seems to be improved which is really a major addition to the pack.

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They also made it a lot easier to approach attacks. It’s simpler to create your own strategies and attack promptly, so you should definitely take advantage of that. Some new combat features are integrated here as well, such as the Weapon Arts that are special abilities which can be added to your weapon and they can deliver extra damage!

The focus on open world is also easier to understand and see here which a very good addition to say the least is also. However they did remove some features from the previous edition such as the adaptability stat which is actually a very good choice as it makes everything simpler and more refined.

Enemies have now become tougher and some of them will definitely leave you unexpected. There’s so much value and fun to be had here that you will appreciate the direction they are going with it for sure. The game worlds are made larger intentionally and thankfully you get more ways to access a specific location and enemy.

It’s also nice to see that each enemy has a weak spot but you will see that after engaging them in battle multiple times. And as you would expect each of the enemies is different enough to be intriguing at first.

This is what makes Dark Souls III set apart from other games and honestly it delivers big time. It’s a pleasure to see the game in action and having a good story does help as well.

There were some graphical issues here and there and the levels weren’t as many as there were in the previous title. However these problems are easily overruled by the awesomeness that Dark Souls III has to offer. You don’t just get more of the same, instead they do expand on everything unlike never before. It’s a visceral, brutal adventure and one that will definitely pay off in ways that you would never have imagined. Dark Souls III is a great success and one of the best games in the series. Sure it does have its own flaws but it really is a masterpiece and much more than what you would expect from a Dark Souls series.

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